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    Since you're not modifying the flavor/aroma of the ingredient with heat, you could utilize an ultrasonic humidifier. On the low tech side, an atomizer to spritz would work in a pinch. ------------------------------ Frederic Yarm Bartender, Writer Free ...

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    Hi Lizzie and everyone.  I am bar enthusiast.  I am heavily into the Tiki Culture but I enjoy any bar that has knowledgeable staff and they care about the drinks they serve .I am the creator of TikiDucks which are rubber ducks that enjoy going to bars ...

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    Howdy friends! My bar is considering inviting another bar in to do a takeover tiki party of some kind. We are in the super early stages of spitballing ideas on this. Our big issue is that none of us have ever been involved in a bar takeover or popup.  ...

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