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    Howdy friends! My bar is considering inviting another bar in to do a takeover tiki party of some kind. We are in the super early stages of spitballing ideas on this. Our big issue is that none of us have ever been involved in a bar takeover or popup.  ...

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    Posted in: Tennessee: Memphis

    Hello, USBG Memphis Chapter!  We are happy to have you join our Guild family!  We look forward to meeting you and hearing about all of the amazing things you are doing in the Memphis area!  Cheers! ------------------------------ Tiffany Soles ...

  • Posted in: USBG Open Forum

    ...maybe driven off of a fish tank air pump? I have worked with "The Smoking Gun", but I don't want a burnt smoke experience. Thanks! ------------------------------ Jeffrey (Armando) Sirninger West Palm Beach FL ------------------------------

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