The USBG Perfectionists Cocktail Competition Sponsored by Patrón



2020 Program Cancelled -- Please Stay Tuned for more information on Perfectionists 2021 


The USBG Perfectionists Cocktail Competition Sponsored by Patrón celebrates creativity in the bartender community, the craft, and the passion for creating simply perfect cocktails! Perfectionism is an attitude, a guide for life, and the refusal to accept anything short of perfection. If this describes your process in creating unique cocktails, then this competition for you!

Returning for the second year in the U.S., the USBG is excited to offer this opportunity for bartenders to stretch the boundaries of cocktail creation inspired by the perfectionists who craft each bottle of Patrón!

The competition, open to all bartenders, hosted three U.S. Regional Finals in Portland, OR, New Orleans, LA, and New York, NY.  Bartenders were tasked with creating a Tequila Patrón Cocktail that embodied their corner of the U.S., judged on the following criteria:

FLAVOR: A balance of interesting flavors should delight the palate and leave everyone wanting another round.  (20 points)

ORIGINALITY: Presentation and storytelling add a shot of creativity to any cocktail that can make it irresistible. (10 points)

PRESENTATION / APPEARANCE: Enhance the flavors with clever garnishes and exciting glassware to create a more compelling cocktail. (10 points)

INSPIRATION: Does the inspiration tell the story of the cocktail and reflect the competitor's country? (10 points)

Eight bartenders competed in each final, with one finalist from each region earning their spot to compete in the Global Final in Jalisco, Mexico with exceptional bartenders from all over the world,  embarking on an educational experience that goes beyond just the competition. 

Check out the 2018 Perfectionists Global Winning Cocktail

           Yeray Monforte, Spain

2 oz Patrón Silver
2 oz Eternal Youth Mixture*
.5 oz Fino Sherry Wine
.25 oz Egg whites
3 Branches of thyme
3 Sprays of Patrón Reposado infused in bee pollen**

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake to chill and combine.
Double strain into a coupe glass.
Garnish with a thyme branch.

*Eternal Youth Mixture: 
2 oz Honey 
2 oz Lemon juice 
1.25 oz Olive oil 
Mix ingredients in a blender until combined.

**Patrón Reposado infused in bee pollen:
Soak 10 grams of bee pollen with 3.5 oz of Patrón Reposado for 1 hour. Strain and store in a spray bottle.

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