Rosé Rock Star Cocktail Competition

Announcing the Hampton Water Rosé Rock Star Cocktail Competition Top 5!


World-renowned Hampton Water Rosé has partnered with the United States Bartenders’ Guild to launch their first Hampton Water Rosé Rock Star Cocktail Competition. These top 13 competitors are some of the nation's finest mixologists and bartenders. 

The Competitors are:

Daniel Bergland,
Miami, GL
Mark Coulter,
Chicago, IL
Carlos Cuarta,
Chicago, IL
Luis Estrada,
Chicago, IL
⋆🌟✪🔯✨☆ Star Symbol (Copy and Paste) | PSDDudeMichael Guzman,
Denver, CO
Dillon Kelley,
Chicago, IL
David Leon,
Chicago, IL

Luke Nevin-Gattle,
Chicago, IL
⋆🌟✪🔯✨☆ Star Symbol (Copy and Paste) | PSDDudeLauren Pellecchia,
Loveland, OH
⋆🌟✪🔯✨☆ Star Symbol (Copy and Paste) | PSDDudeTobias Steeves,
Spearfish, SD
⋆🌟✪🔯✨☆ Star Symbol (Copy and Paste) | PSDDudeNigal Vann,
Chicago, IL

Tim Weigel,
Mandan, ND
⋆🌟✪🔯✨☆ Star Symbol (Copy and Paste) | PSDDudeAistis Zidanavicius,
Miami Beach, FL


The Top 5 have been announced (above with stars), and have earned a spot as National Finalists with an opportunity to compete in the Hamptons on July 11th, 2022 for the ultimate title of National Hampton Water Rosé Rock Star and a coveted signed Jon Bon Jovi guitar! The best part is they'll be hangin' with none other than Hampton Water's Co-Founders, Jesse Bongiovi and Jon Bon Jovi! Stay tuned to find out which of these competitors will be named Hampton Water's Rosé Rock Star.

Learn more about the top 5 here

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