Announcing the IBA World Cocktail Competition Winner

The United States Bartenders' Guild is a chapter of the International Bartenders Association (IBA), which is made up of 64 countries. Every year the IBA hosts the World Cocktail Championship. This past November 4th-9th Team USA Flair competitor Mariano Gil and Classic Competitor Dean Tran visited the vibrant area of Varadero, Cuba to compete in the 2022 IBA World Cocktail Competition.

The skills and entertainment were incredible as all 64 IBA countries competed to find the next IBA World Cocktail Champion. This year’s WCC winner who has taken on the title of World Bartender of the Year was
Andrew Watson form Sweden.

As champion, Watson will serve as IBA Ambassador in 2023 and attend the 2023 IBA World Cocktail Championship as honored guest with his winning cocktail:

Rooster’s Pride 

  • 3.5 cl Rooster Rojo Reposado Tequila
  • 4.5 cl Clarified Coconut Tincture (homemade)
  • 8 cl Cinzano Prosecco
  • Served in the RCR Timeless Calice Flute

Said Watson, “I’m so proud to bring home this prize for Sweden. Varadero has been incredible meeting my fellow competitors and experiencing Cuban hospitality.”

Below are some highlights from 2022 IBA World Cocktail Competition.