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WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey


A lover of nicknames, the “Organizer of Chaos,” the “Whiskey Fairy,” and even “Great Big Mother Hen,” Ingrid hid her magnificence deep in the restoration construction industry for the last 16 years. Finally, this social butterfly came out of her cocoon, blossoming into an all-around creator of whiskey dreams. Ingrid is also currently the Owner and General Contractor of Ingrid Shawn Corporation, an interior/exterior residential construction company in South Florida

In her other life, she sits as the Chair Extraordinaire of the USBG Tampa Bay Repeal Day Conference, a 5-day conference celebrating the Repeal of the 18th Prohibition Amendment; AND (most importantly,) our Southeast Steward of the Brand. She is also the proud Meowma of 4 beautiful kittens –  Samantha, Buddy, Ms. Kitty Lovins'  and Snickelfritz and in her free time she likes to take pictures of sunsets and rain clouds. Welcome aboard, Ingrid.