Daniel Huertas


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New York, NY


Hi everyone!

I'm Daniel and from New York, NY. I am still fairly new (3 years) to the industry and I am craving to learn more. I have been reading and taking in as much as I can to be the best bartender possible and would love to eventually start making my own cocktail builds and bar ideas. I have books on wine, beer, cocktails and even some sommelier books. I plan to open my own business one day and incorporate what I have learned into it. New York is a very challenging place to get your foot through the door in this industry but I did it, and feel everything else is possible. High volume and fast paced environments is what I thrive on and have not slowed down. I have a military background so my work ethic is A+ and can drink most under the table!

On the topic of this wonderful career I should mention I am very much an introvert. Many think that this kind of job requires you to be an extrovert to entertain guests properly and interact with them. I disagree since being an introvert does not mean I am shy and I can converse with the best of them. I am very social with my close friends and accept all who wish to join in. As an introvert, I enjoy real, genuine conversations with things that interest me as well as my guest. I smile, I joke and I definitely can talk all day if we find common ground. Small talk is not my strength but I still ensure every guest feels welcomed and acknowledged around me.