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Potluck Beverage Co. / Liquor 101 / Oceangate Investments


Founded in 2017 as a philanthropic collective of Texas-area mixologists to -literally- serve the community, Potluck Beverage Co.'s purview has expanded into food and beverage consultation, menu design and training, local-distiller advocacy and promotion, retail spirits distribution, and beverage catering services. 

Our cumulative experiences have taken us from Condé Naste's 'Top Hotels in Texas' and Spring Break on South Padre Island, to high-stakes cattle auctions in Poteet, the Pleasanton Lion's Club's annual Wild Game Dinner, and everything in between. 

Those who have seen us operate first-hand believe in the power of luck. 

We are bartender-owned, spirit-inspired, and service-driven.

We are Potluck Beverage Co.