USBG Member Approval Process

How do I join the USBG?

We're excited you're joining! To join, click on the "Join/Renew" button on the top right-hand side of the home page.

Which type of membership should I choose? 

The first step in joining the USBG is to choose the type of membership that best fits your status:  

Hospitality Professional MemberSupports the mission of the USBG and works primarily in the hospitality industry as an employee or principle of a bar, restaurant, hotel, or catering company. Categories include: Bartenders, Sommeliers, Barbacks, Servers and Hosts; Restaurant/Bar Owners, Partners, Executive Management and Food/Beverage Directors


Associate Member - Supports the mission of the USBG and primarily earns income as an agent of a consulting, media, beverage supply/distribution company, or other company with a commercial interest in the hospitality industry. Categories include: All Consultants, Educators, Brand Ambassadors and Product/Beverage Suppliers or Distributors; Media (including writers and publishers), Public Relations or Marketing Representatives; and/or Representatives of Hospitality Advocacy Groups


Enthusiast MemberSupports the mission of the USBG, but derives no regular income from the hospitality industry and supports the Guild for personal enrichment.

Click on the preferred membership type to be prompted to the USBG application page. Please complete complete the USBG membership application in full; agree to the four (4) USBG policies; then click "ok" to submit the application for review.

How long will it take for me to get approved for membership once I submit my application?

When a request to join the USBG is received, applications will be put into a queue to be reviewed to ensure terms for membership, which can take up to two (2) days.

What is being reviewed for approval?

The USBG has strict age requirements - members must be 21 years of age or older. 

All members should also verify on their application that have read and agreed to the four (4) USBG policies: 

How will I know I am approved?

Upon approval, an email from with the subject line: United States Bartenders' Guild, Inc. Membership Request Approved will be sent to the email address on the application submitted. Be sure to check your spam folder for this email. Please follow the link provided in the email from support to complete the membership process. Membership will be activated once payment is received.

How will I know my membership has been activated?

Once membership is activated, new members will receive two (2) emails from one prompting a password set up, and another explaining the benefits of membership. 

The Guild is dedicated to serve Industry Professionals - Hospitality, Associates, and Enthusiasts - from an educational perspective. We appreciate your patience.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Laurie at