Start a Chapter


Thank you for your interest in starting a USBG chapter!

We are proud to represent over 6300 members in more than 50 cities, with more cities (like yours) working to join us each day!
Establishing a USBG Chapter is like starting a new business. The strength of the Guild as a whole depends on each chapter creating and sustaining an active, growing presence in its community. Programs, activities and services to members at the local level are critical to the growth of the chapter and in turn, the Guild nationally.

Becoming a Chartered Chapter of the USBG requires a number of steps. The information in this document provides a list of requirements all chapters must complete to move to through the Formation Process. The entire process may take anywhere from a few to several months. But when complete, it affects your local bartending community in significant, meaningful ways.

We sincerely appreciate your support of the USBG and wish you the best in establishing your chapter! We are here to help you each step of the way, so please reach out to us! Your success makes us a stronger Guild!


  • Initial Request
  • Pending
  • Observing
  • Chartered


QUALIFICATIONS: None. We are excited to guide you through the process of taking the first steps toward creating a strong local community of dedicated beverage professional passionate about the advancement of our trade. Are you ready? Your chance to make significant contributions to your community begins NOW!


  • In this stage, the future chapter is not allowed to use the USBG logo to promote activities (social media, event invitations, etc.)

  • The chapter does not qualify for financial assistance to conduct business or hold events.


  • Recruit three additional Founding Committee This committee will serve as chapter leadership and primary contacts for the chapter until the chapter is able to hold their first elections (see Pending Chapter).

  • Obtain (50) required names/email addresses of potential members in order to complete the Chapter Please refer to USBG Chapter Petition for sample. Petitions should be converted to a digital file (.doc, .rtf, .xlsx, etc.) and submitted to

  • The Founding Committee will be asked to submit a Chapter Application to indicate that they have reviewed the USBG Bylaws, Code of Conduct and Chapter Charter Agreement.

QUALIFICATIONS: Once a chapter submits their Chapter Petition with at least (50) individuals and a signed Chapter Application, they are considered a PENDING chapter. The chapter will be added to the USBG website and members may begin to join and pay dues under the chapter name. See more information on the Member Dues and Distribution Process.


  • The USBG National logo may be used in limited capacity with prior approval from the Regional Vice President or National Office.

  • A PENDING chapter may request coordination of financial activity from the National Office during this Chapter operating expenses incurred during this time may be submitted to the National Office for reimbursement against future dues or sponsorship payments. Any operating surplus from sponsorship contributions will be paid out to the chapter when they become eligible to receive distributions. Similarly, any overage in expenses will be deducted from future distributions.

  • A PENDING chapter’s petition will remain in consideration for a maximum of one (1) year from the submission date. For a petition to be approved, the PENDING chapter must secure (40) paid members with the consideration period of one (1) If the PENDING chapter fails to meet the minimum membership requirement within one (1) year, the petition will be denied. Current members assigned to the PENDING chapter will be notified of the denied petition and reassigned to the nearest chapter or to the Member-At-Large status. The chapter will be removed from the USBG website and all promotional materials.

  • Any further activity requires a new chapter petition and application to be submitted.


  • The Founding Committee should engage with chapter members through the chapter page on org. As chapter administrations, they will be able to they add chapter news, events, run membership reports, etc.)

  • The chapter is encouraged to start a Facebook Fan Page/Twitter handle to begin promoting membership drives, posting pictures from events, and to drive overall interest to and awareness of your burgeoning chapter.

  • An email address ( will be assigned to the The Founding Committee should use this address to communicate with current and potential members, as well as conduct chapter business. It’s important to use your chapter email address to help current and future chapter leaders stay in the loop. No successful chapter is managed by just one person. For additional information on USBG guidelines and etiquette, please refer to ChOps –Chapter Resource 5A.

  • Work on building membership. Use the USBG Chapter Operations Manual guidelines to host Chapter Meetings and a Membership Drive.


QUALIFICATION: Once a chapter reaches (40) paid members, it is considered an OBSERVING chapter.


  • Continue to manage the online chapter community – announcements, calendar, etc.

  • Continue to build membership

  • Hold Chapter Meetings and Events

  • Attend quarterly Regional Council of Chapters (RCC) and National Council of Chapters (NCC) calls

  • Make plans to attend Regional Conferences (each Spring) and National Leadership Conference (August of odd-numbered years)


  • The chapter will work with the Membership Administration Manager to conduct elections for the first Chapter The Chapter Council consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. See ChOps Section 2-Chapter Council

  • Chapter officers will be required to submit a signed copy of the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy.

  • Once officers are identified, the chapter will:
    • Rent a PO Box
    • Adopt and file articles of incorporation
    • Adopt chapter by-laws
    • Register for a tax-ID
    • Open a bank account
  • The chapter will submit a signed copy of the Chapter Charter Agreement.


QUALIFICATIONS: Once the chapter has completed the required actions outlined in the OBSERVING Chapter status and receives the counter-signed Chapter Charter Agreement, it will be considered a CHARTERED chapter.

They will be required to submit quarterly Financial Reports are due (15) days after a quarter ends. Quarterly Dues Payouts* will be released to the chapter after their Financial Report is received and reviewed.
  • *Dues received from memberships are currently split 60/40 between the chapter and National Office. Dues Payouts are sent out at the end of each quarter. Any outstanding invoices the chapter may have with the National Office (uniforms, conference travel, etc.) will be deducted from the dues owed to the chapter.

A representative will be required to participate in all scheduled NCC and RCC calls and conferences.

The chapter will be responsible for remaining in compliance with all USBG policies and procedures.

If you have any questions, please contact Tiffany Soles at or by phone at 855-655-8724 x102.