Membership FAQs

Q: What is your mailing address?

United States Bartenders' Guild
2654 W Horizon Ridge Parkway Ste B5, PMB 252
Henderson, NV

Q: Where can I find a map of all the Chapters in the country?


USBG Chapter Locations

Q: What are the benefits of membership?

A: The USBG is certainly the place to point you in the right direction on your path to bartending, educational, and networking greatness!

A USBG Annual Membership gets you access to:

  • Local educational monthly meetings
  • Our bustling online community,
  • Invitations to exclusive, industry-tailored events
  • Face time with industry movers & shakers
  • International Recognition
  • Discounts on the USBG Master Accreditation

Q: Is the Guild just for bartenders, or is it for all industry professionals?

A: The Guild is geared toward Industry Professionals; it is also great for anyone interested in what goes on… from an educational perspective.

Q: What is the difference between Hospitality Professional, Associate, and Enthusiast?

A: Check out the definitions by clicking this link.

Q: Do benefits get better the longer that I am a member?

A: The longer you are a member allows you to have access to more opportunities, and after an extended period of time and involvement you could potentially become a life-time member.

Q: What is included in my membership? 

A: One year membership, access to our online community, access to local chapter meetings, opportunities to participate in local and national competitions, and significant discounts on the Master Accreditation Program’s offerings.

Q: How do I sign up/renew?

A: Click Join/Renew & follow the steps!

Q: Where do I find information on meetings and events in my chapter?

A:Check your chapter’s Community Page and Events Calendar!

Q: Are there annual events that the Guild puts on (locally and/or nationally)?

A: On odd years, USBG National hosts the National Leadership Conference to help with education and leadership training. Regional Conferences are held annually, a gathering designed to engage members and provide further educational opportunities.

Q: …In a city I will be visiting?

A:Check to see if a chapter exists there by visiting this page . If yes, check out their Community Page & Events Calendar!

Q: How do I transfer my membership to another chapter?

A: Fill out the Contact Us form ; your chapter transfer will be completed within 72 hours.

Q: What type of charitable work do Local chapters do?

A: Local chapters are free to create any type of local charitable work they see fit for their local community. Some chapters work with one organization, while others work with many.

Q: How are Local and National Councils chosen?

A: Elections are held every year for different chapters and different National Council positions as well. National positions are voted on by all members and Local positions are voted only by the local chapter members.

Q: How often do Local Chapter Councils meet with members?

A: Local Chapter Councils meet up once a month to discuss planning for upcoming events and educational opportunities.

Q: How often is the Local and National Council changed?

A: Local and National Council hold their positions for a 2-year term. They can be re-elected, but must be nominated to do so. The Board Members (including Regional Vice Presidents) hold office for two years. Elections for National President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary are held in November on even years, and elections for Regional Vice Presidents are held in November on odd years.

Q: I have a problem with my local chapter. Who do I talk to about it?

A: The best place to start is to discuss the problem with your local chapter council members. Depending on the nature of the problem, if they feel they could use the support of USBG National, the problem will be directed to the Conflict Resolution Committee who will address it further. Fill out the Contact Us form to have your query appropriately directed.

Q: Why am I being charged a $35 fee?

A: Your membership has been expired for more than 90 days and you have been sent seven emails reminding you to renew.

Q: I am displeased with my membership. Can I get a refund?

A: Fill out this form and if your account qualifies, you will be issued a refund within five business days.

Q: Does the USBG offer health insurance?

A: No.

Q: How can I share a job opportunity with your members? (I am not a member.)

A: Fill out the Contact Us form to have your query appropriately directed.

Q: How can I share a job opportunity with your members? (I am a member.)

A: Log in to your account and post all of the relevant details for the position using our Career Opportunities Forum !

Q: How do I become a partner?

A: Fill out the Contact Us form to have your query appropriately directed.

Q: Can I share my bartending app with your members?

A: No thank you! However, if you would like more information about how to become a partner, Fill out the Contact Us form to have your query appropriately directed.

Q: I was a member (x) years ago, but I can't remember my login info! Help!

A: First, check out this handy flow-chart-esque page to see if you can help yourself. If you’re still stuck, Fill out the Contact Us form to have your query appropriately directed.