About the USBG

Our Mission: Uniting the hospitality community to advance professional bartending.

We believe tending & owning bars is an honorable career choice. Our goal is to empower bartenders to take charge of their careers. We accomplish this through working with our committed partners to enrich the career advancement of our members through peer-to-peer learning, expert instruction, service projects, and competition. Since knowledge is power, our chapters hold cocktail competitions, sponsor intimate seminars with internationally recognized brand representatives, and forge relationships between top bar talent in 50 cities and counting. We offer all our members opportunities to compete, travel around the world, and spread knowledge in the pursuit of elevating our craft.

Empowering bartenders to take charge of their careers
Inspired bartenders restoring the craft

Our History: Fostering collaboration between bartenders.

While the bar industry has exploded over the last 60 years, we've supported individual bartenders. After putting down California roots in 1948, we incorporated as a nonprofit (50 years strong!) and are now active in over 50 cities nationwide. USBG members don't follow trends-- we set them, and passionately advocate for bartenders nationwide to do the same.

Our Legacy: Connecting with the communities we serve.

Bars & restaurants are where communities come together. Through national & local charity initiatives, we connect with the neighborhoods that welcome our establishments and the people who we entertain each night. To us, a key part of growing professionally is supporting the communities where we serve.

Service · Integrity · Sharing Knowledge · Tradition · Camaraderie

Meet the Board

Summer-Jane Bell

Summer-Jane Bell,
San Francisco

Bobby Dagostino

Bobby DagostinoCleveland
Director & 

Kim Haasarud

Kim Haasarud, Phoenix

Paul Johnsen

Paul Johnsen, Orlando
Director &

Kyle McHugh

Kyle McHugh, Chicago
Director & President

David Nepove

David Nepove,
San Francisco

Jonathan Pogash

Jonathan Pogash,

Ingrid Rodriguez

Ingrid Rodriguez, Tampa Bay
Director & 
Vice President

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor, Indianapolis

Meet the Staff

Aaron G. Smith

Aaron G. Smith, Executive Director, San Francisco, CA

Jodi Jordan

Jodi Jordan, Director of Finance & Administration, Sacramento, CA

Jarrette Moore

Jarrette Moore, Director of Marketing & Communication, Dallas, TX

Sheila Rosario

Sheila Rosario, Director of Sponsorship Sales, Orlando, FL