The Guild List

What is The Guild List?

The Guild List is an online directory of USBG Partners and Vendors that provides USBG Members the opportunity to learn more about USBG Partner services.

How do I search partners/vendors on The Guild List site?

There are several ways to search the Partner Directory on The Guild List site. Click HERE to view the Guild List.

  •  Click on “Partner Directory” to see a listing of all Partners and Vendors
  •  To search by Partner name, type the name into the search box
  •  To search by keyword, type the keyword into the search box
  •  To search by location, type the city, state, or zip code into the search box

How can I get my company listed on The Guild List site?

USBG Platinum, Gold, and Silver Partners are automatically added to The Guild List and are provided login information to allow them to add to their listing. Community Partners can join directly from The Guild List site by clicking here.