Taylor Giroux

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   I am a coffee professional with about 8/9 years experience in just about every realm of coffee including barista work, public education, quality control, servicing equipment, working in roasting facilities, coffee consulting and program/menu building. I wanted to join the USBG though because my passion is in non alcoholic and low ABV cocktails, usually based with coffee or tea. I have been building intricate drinks for the past 4 years of my professional career, I have built menus for small cafes, helped create a coffee education platform for Patrón, created mixology focused content for coffee brands like Trade, Cometeer, and Dayglow to name a few. I was also a competitor in the 2020 Coffee In Good Spirits competition. My goal is to help bartenders as well as the general populous understand that coffee isnt some boring afterthought but can be really useful if you know how to use it!