Ms. Samantha Meisenheimer

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I started working in the Hospitality Industry as a teen. I’ve been in it my whole life! I stay in it because I love it, not because I know it. In my opinion, it has a way of keeping me on my toes, as there is always something to learn from the multitude of occupations, and skill sets required to be successful under the Hospitality Industry umbrella. I have a passion for learning, growing, teaching, being apart of a team.

In my 18 years experience I’ve worked in mom and pop’s, sports bars, casual dining, hotel dining, fine dining, dive and cocktail bars in between the shifts of my main or full time positions that I couldn’t say no to at least trying! When I was offered the opportunity to teach Americas youth Culinary Arts in a vocational setting, I said yes!

I’ve said yes to opportunities, to the tune of working multiple jobs and burning myself out. You sure do learn a lot by saying yes, including your own boundaries.

I’m a hard worker, a team player and I don’t think that’s ever going to change. It’s in my blood!

I’ve been behind the bar, and managing one for the last eight years. I’m excited and curious to explore new career opportunities, learn more in depth aspects of the Wine, Beer and Spirits Industry as a whole. Learn the businesses behind “The Business,” be helpful and give back! 

Excited to be a member of this chapter and look forward to new adventures!