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Reza Esmaili
Gallo Spirits,
Senior Brand Ambassador

Reza really likes to eat and drink, but loves to serve and entertain the most.

During 31 years in the San Francisco hospitality industry, Reza has held many positions including Bar Director, General Manager, Operating Partner and Consultant. His talents have helped launch many notable endeavors and garnered national accolades.

Launched in 2011, Ananas Consulting has serviced clients from California to Florida, advising independently owned establishments and luxury hotel properties. With an innate desire to coach peers on service and hospitality standards, Reza offers seminars on mindful hospitality practices to clients and trade peers at industry conferences. Concurrent to consultant projects, Reza represented Casa Noble Tequila for nearly 5 years as Brand Ambassador. In June 2021, Reza joined Gallo Spirits in the full-time position of Senior Brand Ambassador. While focused on establishing the category of California Brandy, Reza proudly represents Argonaut and Germain-Robin.

For nearly 20 years, Reza has been a devoted member of the United States Bartender’s Guild. He has served in several elected positions such as President of the NorCal Chapter, on the National Board of Directors and National Council of Chapters. Reza has judged several national cocktail competitions and represented the USBG internationally at conferences from Bogota to Bordeaux. In 2019, the Chengdu Bartender’s Association hosted him as the sole US judge of a national cocktail competition in Shanghai, China. After transitioning out of elected positions and organizational governance, he has gladly served on several committees and task forces; such as the Nomination Committee and Leadership Conference Planning Task force. 

“Ananas” is the Persian term for pineapple, regarded as the international symbol of hospitality. Substance, Service and Style are foundational elements of every Ananas Consulting endeavor.

Reza lives in Pacific Heights and Petaluma, visits his mom weekly and loves his rescued Yorkie named 'Baklava.'