Meet Your World Class National Finalists!

By Shayleigh Ward posted 05-31-2018 00:08



The USBG, in partnership with Diageo, hosted five incredible World Class Regional Competitions across the country.


Congratulations to all the competitors on their hard work!


Three finalists from each Regional Competition have advanced to the National Finals in Louisville, Kentucky June 4th - 7th. We are so excited to announce and introduce you to the National Finalists!



We asked the Finalists to share a fun fact or what inspired them to enter World Class. This is what they had to say:

A-K Hada



 Fun Fact: My first date with my partner was while he was competing in the global finals for the UK! It was amazing to be there for him then, and he's been a huge support now.

  Joshua Hiller




Inspiration: The amazing sense of community and people you meet during the process.

 Jonathan Howard




Inspiration: I just wanted to spend more time with Andy Seymur.

 Naomi Levy




Inspiration: I'm always trying to push myself further. 

 Karina Martinez




Inspiration: The incredible people that participate and help make this event come together

 Alexis Mijares




Fun Fact: My favorite drink I made last year was named after my baby chihuahua Rico Suave - It was called "Suavemente."

 Casey Miller




Inspiration: The Last Word, a tiny bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been represented at 4 out of the last 5 World Class National Finals. With Giancarlo Aversa taking the year off from competitions, I was informed that if I wanted to keep my job, I would need to keep the tradition going.

Laura Newman



Fun Fact: I am terrified of whales.

 William Pasternak





Inspiration: I had just entered USBG last year, and missed the deadline to enter but this year watched Ricky and Jeff's videos from the competition and it made me want to test myself and see if I could do that as well. 

 Ryan Perry




Inspiration: I was inspired to enter World Class by a friend and former World Class competitor who stressed to me that the competition was not just about winning, but that throughout every stage you would be challenged and become a better bartender regardless off the outcome. I've found that to be very true.

 Katie Renshaw




Inspiration: So many incredible bartenders that I look up to in Chicago have participated in World Class and loved it, so I always saw it as this challenge that I would someday want to take on, knowing how much it would push me. It's been a dream.

 Trevor Scovel




Inspiration: Having an apron and some tattoos doesn’t make you special; However, giving guests an experience that makes their day better - does.

 Jason Seele




Inspiration: World Class gives you the opportunity to push yourself and your creativity to limits that you never new you could reach. Continuing to learn and improve any and all aspects of bartending is what this is all about. Meeting like-minded individuals from all over the nation reminds me of how strong our industry is and that there is no limit to the creativity of a bartender. 

 Jorge Vargas-Baquedano




Inspiration: I always try to be a better bartender everyday, and World Class gives us the opportunity to explore our creativity and to continue to share the hospitality with everybody.

 Justin Ware


Justin Ware.png


Inspiration: My competitive nature, not to beat others, but rather to better myself from the year before pushed me to compete again this year, despite having made up my mind to hold off on competitions for a while.


For more updates on the exciting road to Finals follow the finalists at their Instagram handles above, and World Class: @worldclassus