2018 Summer Session Behind the Barrel Attendees Announced

By Shayleigh Ward posted 06-15-2018 09:08



The USBG Behind the Barrel sponsored by Wild Turkey is preparing for two unique distillery tour experiences this month! Each tour will host 30 bartenders to see what’s really going on behind the barrel at the Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. We received many incredible written and video applications which were reviewed by a blind selection committee and videos by a separate independent committee.

The following lucky 60 bartenders will be introduced to a special blend of Wild Turkey Southern Hospitality and enjoy a 3-day ‘glamping’ stay on the grounds of the distillery. The program will include skeet shooting, bourbon under the stars, dinner with the Russells, and all there is to know about Wild Turkey Bourbon.



Congrats to all of our attendees! Hope you all have fun!


Summer Session 1

June 18th -21st 

Iskander Aklilu

Justin Ayotte

Christopher Baker

Jordan Bennett

Carol Britt

Toby Darling

Nicholas Dolan

Robert Ficks

Joshua Gelfand

Micah Graham

Myles Grene

Sarah Hundley

John Langan

Erica Long

Robert Mariani

Jonathan Mendez

Alex Mendoza

Jason Morefield

Lewis Norton

Andrew Pope

Chad Reid

Sylvi Roy

Ashlee Schultz

Trevor Scovel

Riley Snyder

Emily Sweeney

Amelia Thompson

Jennifer Welsh

Ryan Williams



Summer Session 2

June 22nd -25th 

 Rachel  Blake

Christopher Blas

Robert Boyland

Nicole Butigan

Joel Carleton

Kyle Cownden

Luke Danner

Cody Dunavan

Tristan  Elgin

Whitney Evans

Blake Foster

Peter Hannah

Nicholas Hutcherson

Matthew Lawson

Gabriel  Lee

Krysten Legorburo

Gabrielle Maser

Cassandra Nelson

Ross Nemec

Kevin Rhodes

Tyler Rothenberg

Juliette  Saputo

Travis Shireman

Raj Shukla

Christopher Solans-Guevara

Anthony Soldo

Tamarah Taylor

Erin Thompson

Mimi Wilmeth



If you are interested in going "behind the barrel" yourself , don't miss your chance to apply for Fall Sessions. Registration begins July 1st on usbg.org.

Fall Sessions.png