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Espolón Tag Teams Heading into the Final Throw Down!

By Shayleigh Ward posted 10-05-2018 18:09


We have traversed the US holding Espolón Cocktail Fights in 13 USBG cities. This year we decided to up the ante and have each region send six teams of two who worked together show they had the biggest imagination, the sharpest skills, and the deepest camaraderie.

It's all fun, folks in this cocktail competition that is like no other. Each team created a persona duo including names, costumes, and props and had to surpass the field of teams in a number of challenges to snag the coveted championship belts!

The top-scoring teams also earned a Mexico Educational Experience, October 30th through November 3rd (just in time for the Day of the Dead)! Along with the fun, they will also visit the Espolón Distillery to learn more about the history and the process in making of Espolón Tequila. They will also be looking for inspiration for their costumes and cocktails for the final showdown at the National Competition being held on November 19th in New York City.

Now that all of the Fights are in the books, here is a look at the line up for the National Throw Down.

Dos Pistoles

Blair Marano & Sam Peters
San Diego, California

Las Fridas

Jose Medina Camacho & Alex Acuna- Correa
Birmingham, Alabama

Little Britches Squad

Jason Pollard & Braeden Knight
Fort Worth, Texas

Balls Models (Zoolander & Hansel)

Bobby Brown & Ian Richards
Southern Florida

Team Temptation

Hunter Bryant & Jacob Ceciro
Tampa, Florida

Two Fridas

Anna Giordano & Maggie Morgan
New Orleans, Louisana

No Last Call

Kevin Mack & Greg Miszti
Sacramento, California

The Sisters Oracle

Ellen Talbot & Emily Ramey
Nashville, Tennessee

Los Flores del Muerte

Ashlee Choi & Anastacio Garcia Liley
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Amantes Calaveras

Amanda Freestone & Thomas Tilton-Heylin
Boston, Massachusetts

Super Duper Duo

PJ Ford & Jillian Smith
Columbus, Ohio

Feunghuang Fighters

Caer Ferguson & Sharon Yeung
Austin, Texas


Recipe for Disaster

Dilpreet Talwar & Zoe Reagan
Seattle, Washington


Congratulations Teams! Good Luck in New York!