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Meet Your 2022 National Board Candidates

By Samantha Davidson posted 12 days ago

A message from @Aaron DeFeo, USBG Nominating Committee Chair:

Voting is now open! Cast your ballot by clicking here. Don't wait, the polls close November 2nd.

Meet Your 2022 Board Candidates

Each year, three (3) vacancies open on the National Board of Directors. All current USBG Members are encouraged to learn more about the eligible candidates and cast votes to elect or re-elect three candidates for the open seats.

It is the annual responsibility of the USBG Nominating Committee to recruit and advance candidates for the Board of Directors. Each applicant is thoroughly vetted through a series of evaluations and interviews. This year, the Committee is advancing candidates from a range of local communities who have a proven track record of national volunteer experience and success in collaborative leadership positions. The Board is conducting important strategic-level work to welcome bartenders and hospitality workers from all communities and diverse social identities, so these demonstrated skills are imperative to the success of that work.

Fostering diverse and inclusive leadership is a year-round responsibility for all Members of our organization and community. Together, we must seek out and encourage people to gain the experience needed for leadership success in local, regional, or national leadership, volunteer, and committee experiences. Representation is important and it matters to us.

The path to national leadership and Board candidacy begins with a partnership between current and future leaders. Current leaders must recognize new faces and extend leadership opportunities to individuals across diverse gender, racial, occupational, geographic, and other identities, and future leaders must also raise their hands to say, “I’d like to know more.”

If you’d like to know more about contributing to the USBG as a volunteer in one of many member groups, or if you are interested in learning more about how to become a candidate for the 2023 USBG Board, please let us know by completing this interest form HERE.

If online forms aren’t your thing, feel free to email because we’d love to connect you with a volunteer opportunity that works for you.

The Nominating Committee proudly presents to the USBG membership the following slate of candidates for the upcoming election:

Important Note: You may learn more about the candidates by clicking on their name above their headshot. The below list is ordered in alphabetical order by last name.

Raul Faria   

"My goal with National Board is to be a voice for the members that want to see the USBG move forward with the bartending world. I want to see us make an effort to increase diversity and be able to speak to all communities within the bartending world through our programs, community partnerships and by increasing our ladders of opportunity for leadership roles within our organization. The USBG has provided me with education, access and most importantly community, and I want the USBG to provide these experiences for even more in our community."  -- Raul Faria


Joseph Fredrickson

"Running for this position is important in my heart. I love this organization from top to bottom. There is no greater joy then watching young impressionable bartenders blossom into professionals. I will for the rest of my life give part of myself to this organization in whatever capacity I can and am graciously elected to do. I love reciting the core values to other members and reminding that leadership roles in this organization are like giving hospitality to hospitality professionals. It is no longer about us, we are here to give and the real reward is watching the next generation take the gifts we lay out for them and run with it. Just like curating a great experience for a guest there is no greater feeling. It truly is rewarding, and I hope to give what I can to continue to lay those gifts out for generations to come." -- Joseph Fredrickson


Tracy Gomez

"These are unprecedented times. I'm grateful for steady capable USBG leadership has demonstrated during this crisis, and am inspired to continue donating my time and heart to the organization. I have a deep love of this industry as a proud career bartender, particularly passionate about representing minority voices, especially as we recover from the COVID related devastation to our industry. Impacts to public health and the economy will be felt for some time, requiring nimble yet steadfast leadership as we adapt to the new normal together. With all this in mind, it would be an honor to serve." -- Tracy Gomez

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Vote from October 19th through November 2nd! Click here to cast your ballot. 


Inquire - Post a question to the National Election Community. Candidates have been subscribed to this community so when you pose a question, they will receive an email notification and you’ll automatically be subscribed to their replies.

Read more - Each of your candidates prepared an application for the Nominating Committee that answered several questions. Find the answers to those questions and get to know your candidates a little better by reading those statements HERE.

Vote - Watch this demo video for a step-by-step guide to voting in the Chapter and National Elections:


See you at the polls!


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