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Celebrating Excellence: USBG Chapters Shine at the 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary

By Michelle Turner posted 18 days ago


Celebrating Excellence: USBG Chapters Shine at the 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary

In a grand celebration of excellence and leadership, the United States Bartenders' Guild (USBG) honored its remarkable chapters during the momentous 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Celebration. Let's delve into the prestigious awards that recognized outstanding achievements and the criteria that guided the selection process.

Criteria: A Peek into the Selection Process

Before we unveil the remarkable chapters that secured these awards, let's shed some light on the meticulous selection process. The judging was carried out by the Membership Committee, ensuring impartial evaluation. Each award category relied on a point system, with judges assigning scores ranging from 1 to 5 based on their opinions. The chapter amassing the highest points emerged as the winner in each category. However, there was an essential caveat: chapters needed to maintain good standing with their reports, or points would be deducted, underlining the importance of consistent excellence.

Recognizing Excellence: The Awards and Their Winners

Now, let's turn the spotlight onto the chapters that demonstrated exceptional dedication and innovation in their respective categories.

The most exciting award of the evening was presented to the Pittsburgh chapter, who received the Chapter of the Year award. This honor reflected their exceptional performance across various dimensions, including education, health and wellness initiatives, membership growth, and overall excellence. Pittsburgh truly stood as a shining example of what a USBG chapter could achieve.

Charlotte chapter stood out with their exceptional Education Week in 2022. Their impressive efforts included the return of in-person events and the introduction of new hybrid events. Remarkably, over 24 chapters rallied together to provide more than 145 hours of educational training to USBG members. Charlotte truly set the bar high for educational excellence.

The Louisville chapter showcased an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, earning them the esteemed Best Community Outreach award. Their dedication to fostering a sense of belonging within the community was truly commendable.

Oregon earned recognition for their exceptional commitment to the overall wellness of their chapter members. Their programming, designed to educate members on various health and wellness topics, highlighted their genuine dedication to member well-being.

Cleveland chapter shone brightly in charitable endeavors, clinching the Charitable Giving Award. Their outstanding achievement was marked by raising the most funds for the USBG Foundation and other local non-profits. Furthermore, the chapter's members volunteered a remarkable number of hours to charitable causes, underscoring their dual commitment to national and local charitable efforts.

The Phoenix chapter emerged victorious as they exhibited recent membership growth and an overarching commitment to meeting member needs and goals. Their dedication to engagement and excellence was undeniable.

The Rising Star Chapter of the Year award recognized the Richmond chapter for their recent membership growth and overall excellence. Their trajectory of success was a testament to their dedication and potential.

Individual members Sherri Jenkins, David Nepove and Nigal Vann were also recognized and received awards for their standout leadership and achievements as USBG members. If you missed the individual member awards, check out last week's Member Recap article. 

The 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Celebration was a memorable occasion, acknowledging the remarkable contributions of USBG chapters. Each award winner demonstrated a unique commitment to excellence, setting an inspiring example for the entire bartending community. As we look forward to another year of growth and innovation, these chapters serve as beacons of inspiration for all USBG members!

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12 days ago

Congratulations to everyone! I know it's not always easy but your hard work is paying off.