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2022 USBG Perfectionists Sponsored by PATRÓN TOP 10 National Finalists Announced!

By Lisa McMillan posted 11-03-2022 11:20


Please join us in celebrating the 2022 USBG Perfectionists sponsored by PATRÓN bartenders who will be headed to the US National Finals! After receiving hundreds of entrants, these top 10 competitors will soon be off to Denver this November for a shot at being the US winner who will advance to Mexico for the coveted Global Finals next March.

Meet the US Top 10, and check out their cocktails below:

Joseph Arakawa
Throughout my travels to the states, Iraq, Afghanistan, near and far, tea has always brought me home mentally and spiritually. I feel when we are away from home we seek comfort in food and drink. Olena (tumeric) is native to Hawaii where I am from and gives a natural cooling effect to the body and works well with agave spirits. The color is vibrant and inspiring and the corn and barley tea was drunk at almost every meal my parents had and is prevalent in korean culture and can be found in almost every asian town I have been to in the states. Loving where you are, never forgetting where youre from, bringing your past to present to find comfort is the true home town hero in my mind.

Cocktail Name: Home for Tea


Logan Demmy
The traditional service of tequila with citrus and sal de gusano had me thinking about one ingredient, Nashville hot chicken. Malic Acid plays such an important role in tequila production, Look up (Crassulacean acid metabolism) apple and madeira provide ample malic acid. Champagne is going to be the body of the drink tempering all of the spice of the hot chicken, the buttery malolactic brings it all together.

Cocktail Name: Super Malo Fabulous


Letisha Diaz
In my culture we cook with love. This is no different when creating a cocktail. With the help of my mentor, Meghan Mckaskill, I have truly found something I love doing. Creating cocktails and finding my palette has really been and continues to be an amazing journey. The inspiration behind my cocktail is honestly hard work. When putting in the work the outcome is endless. Persimmons are made with love here in Winter Park Florida where our local farmers sell their fresh organic products just 20 steps from my bar. The struggle to find my palette wasn't easy but very rewarding when I perfected this cocktail. That first sip had me saying "La Patrona."

Cocktail Name: La Patrona


Michael Vander Horn

Learning comes in many forms: I learned recently that the honeybee is extremely attracted to Blue Weber Agave and that’s why Patròn has one as it’s logo. This information brought me on the path to developing this cocktail! Southern New Jersey is famously home to many fruits, vegetables and botanicals but one that is often overlooked is our honey. Utilizing honey (and honeycomb) from 2Beeks’ beehives in my town is the ultimate local ingredient and sings alongside Patròn Silver’s cooked agave notes. Paired with a touch of the classic honey and herb profile of Yellow Chartreuse that I infused with toasted pecans to bridge the gap with nutty Amontillado Sherry. The cocktail is finished with orange bitters which contrast and balance the sweetness present while elevating the citrus notes of the liqueur. This drink is a beautiful celebration of home and of our greatest pollinators!

Cocktail Name: La Pecan Abeja


Dragan Milivojevic
I grew up in Serbia where my grandparents own a local farm and grow different types of peppers common in Serbian cuisine (bell peppers, chili peppers, dried peppers, paprika). For me living in Texas became much more exciting when I discovered a lot of similarities in the taste profiles of the local food and drink, such as chili peppers and chili spices. This brought my memory back to Serbia for a moment. The connection between my two homes, Serbia and Texas, awakened my memory and thus started the inspiration for the Lone Star Martini cocktail. Patrón Silver along with Reposado perfectly combine to open the flavor notes in my homemade cordial - earthy tones of peppers, citrus and sweet aromas, with agave flavor.

Cocktail Name: Lone Star Martini


Lauren Pellechia
Small batch, time-honored craftsmanship, and a long, rich history of being best enjoyed when in the company of friends, new and old. Patron and my hometown ingredient, Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream have more in common than you would first think. Graeter’s French Pot method makes only two gallons of ice cream at a time, and much like Patron, they meet ever growing demand by replicating their small-scale equipment. The Black Raspberry Shrub enhances the cinnamon, pepper, and agave notes of Patron Silver while enrichening the mouthfeel of my cocktail. Ginger Liqueur emboldens Patron’s citrus notes, while the Pear Juice gives a gentle cohesion to the cocktail, weaving together the earthy, oaky-ness of Patron with the fruity, sweet/acidity of the Shrub and the spice of the ginger. From the highlands of Jalisco to the seven hills of Cincinnati, cheers to the Time Honored traditions we hold dear.

Cocktail Name: Time Honored


Fabiana Pinillos

I was born in Peru and spent some of my childhood there. Growing up, as a celebration or if I was sick my mom would make me arroz con leche as a comfort food. I now live with Charleston, South Carolina where Carolina gold rice originated. The beautiful weather and the costal city makes for the perfect harvesting conditions to cultivate Carolina gold rice. I decided to combine both of my cultures and my favorite spirit to drink (tequila, duh) to make one uniquely delicious cocktail. The mint on the nose gives you a fresh and subtle herbaceousness that amplifies the spice in the perfectly balanced cocktail.

Cocktail Name: Arroz con tequila


Tobias Steeves
I was out hiking in Black Hills of my home state, it was autumn, the smell of campfires drifted in with the fog, when I came across bushes of wild raspberries and knew that I wanted to highlight this local ingredient while also bringing the local landscape smells and tastes to life in my Patron Perfectionist Serve. The bittersweet of the raspberries, pairs beautifully with the warm earthy smoke of Lapsang Souchong tea, and the low spice heat of ancho chilies, all married wonderfully with the bright pepper and citrus spiciness of Patron Silver Tequila and the oaky nuttiness of Patron Anejo tequila. It is served warm to remind the drinker of wearing a woolen sweater on a chilly autumn day, out in the hills or plains of their hometown, and as it lingers, it keeps you warm with the comforting heat of the 60 hands of Patron tequila.

Cocktail Name: The Warmth of Hands


Mark Bellemares Sullivan
I first moved to Colorado in the winter. Coming from Hawaii, that meant that this was my first winter ever. Needless to say there was some getting used to! Having been told by many how beautiful Colorado wildflower season is, I was waiting all season for my first spring in Colorado. The first hike I did was along the flat irons in Boulder, and scattered along one trail, the enchanted mesa, were these delicate flowers everywhere. It was the moment I knew I made the right choice moving here. Colorado yarrow flowers have long been used for medicinal purposes and have a lovely bitter and herbaceous anise like flavor to the leaves. I've always wanted to make a cocktail with them, and the light citrus, vanilla notes of Patron Anejo seemed like the perfect back drop to make a cordial. From the starting point of yarrow, I coconut fat washed the Patron Anejo, then paired with Bergamot (Italicus) and Gentian (Suze). What was left was a herbal, warm, slightly bitter and floral drink that I hope brings you to the meadows of Colorado and the enchanted mesa.

Cocktail Name: Enchanted Mesa


Laura Unterberg
This drink captures the flavors of a Paloma but in a stirred, silky, spirit-forward cocktail. In Tennessee, rows of Sweetbay Magnolia trees line most streets. When slowly extracted, the flavor of their leaves makes an almost gentian-like flavor. With aromatic blossoms in spring, and evergreen leaves the rest of the year, they serve as a reminder in winter that sunny Paloma-filled days will come again.

Cocktail Name: The Devil You Know

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