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2021 Campari Day of Service - Let's Do This!

By Lisa McMillan posted 26 days ago


Let's do this! 2021 Campari Day of Service is just around the corner - September 14th! This year we've recruited over 500 volunteers from all over the country in 45 cities; as well as a virtual event to help us give back to our communities. This year's activities take place in cities both large and small. Some of the many activities include a food bank, beach clean-up, homeless alliance, and urban agriculture.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Campari America and a huge shout-out to this year's local organizers and volunteers. We truly appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to make the world a better place! We look forward to seeing all the pictures of your Day of Service on Instagram and Facebook. 

Don't forget to tag #Camparicares @CampariUSA @usbgncf




12 days ago

I hope everyone involved had a wonderful experience with this year's program. I know I did!

25 days ago

Cant wait! My Chicago team has a big surprise for the organization we're volunteering with .  Shhhh.....