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Patrón Perfectionists Global Experience

By Lisa McMillan posted 03-12-2020 18:18


\pər-ˈfek-sh(ə-)nist\   noun
A person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection

When you visit the fabled Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco, Mexico, you quickly understand why “Perfectionists” was chosen for the name of its competition. With each meticulous step in its process of distilling tequila, perfection is Patrón’s goal; and the Patrón Perfectionists competition was created to bring the world’s top mixologists together to share in a celebration of this tradition of artisanal tequila-making at its finest, along with international camaraderie and expressing art in the form of elevated tequila cocktails.

Earlier this year, the USBG was proud to send three of its members to represent the United States in the Patrón Perfectionists Global Competition in Guadalajara, Mexico -- Michael Cadden, USBG Seattle, Glendon Hartley, USBG New York, and Sarah Turbett, USBG New Orleans.

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                                                                                           Some highlights of the trip included:

Tour of Rodo workshop
Paper-making workshop
Walk around the markets of Tlaquepaque
Tour of Hacienda
Jima demonstration and tour of agave field
Shopping in Guadalajara


We asked a few of the participants to share their experiences with us, and here is what they had to say:

What did you learn about Patrón that you didn't know before? I've always known of Patrón's commitment to sustainability, but to what extent was quite impressive. From the money they've spent on the water filtration to the composting all their spent agave, it was an incredible sight

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What did you enjoy most about your Perfectionists experience? 
Definitely meeting and making new friends from all over the world. Not just competitors, but their handlers/reps as well. Such a great group

How do you think this experience helped you to prepare for your future in the hospitality industry? I think it resets my standards of what customer service is. It really has inspired me to be the best customer service professional I can be
What was the highlight of your Global Experience in Mexico? The hospitality of the crew at the Hacienda is what stood out to me more than anything. They truly set the standard of service

How has your overall experience with this program impacted you as a drinks professional and as a person? I think it has really set a standard for every cocktail competition from here forward. It really makes me strive to open my own bar now, and the exposure has even opened doors in that direction. Stay tuned for some big news!

Any other info you would like to share about your Perfectionists Global experience? I would like to stress the importance of Perfectionists to the U.S. market. Even though Patrón's history, in my opinion, is the reason we have 100% agave in the U.S., it gets a bad rap in certain markets -- Seattle being one of those cities. I just want to let you know I'm a life long advocate for this brand and tequila. These events show Patrón's, as well as the Guild's, honest and honorable commitment to the community of which they are a part of. The commitment to sustainable practices shows the dedication to that community. That point alone should easily sell Seattle, and the more bartenders visit the Hacienda, the more they'll be like Mike!

--Micheal Cadden, USBG Seattle


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How was your Perfectionists Global experienceThe Hacienda was beautiful and relaxing. They had everything we needed
Tell us about your champion recipe! My recipe was a play on a tequila tonic - London dry style. I infused the tequila with coriander and juniper and used local honey from my mentor's restaurant group. They keep bees on the campus of GW University. I used local Virginia raspberries to make a honey and raspberry tonic and carbonated it to make the perfect tequila tonic
What did you learn from fellow bartenders from around the world? I learned some new presentation skills and techniques meeting everyone.
I now have gained some friends from around the world to guide me, and meeting them was priceless for me
What did you enjoy most about your Perfectionists experience? "I really liked seeing the ceramic artist who made the trophies. We got to visit his workshop, and this was very inspiring to me. It was my favorite day."
--Glendon Hartley, USBG Washington DC


How was your Perfectionists Global experience"I'm still living through [my Patrón experience] day to day. What I learned through it is very active in my world."
Tell us more about the competition! "Globals was nerve racking. It was my first global competition, and Patrón stressed what a big deal it was. This put some pressure on, but it was good pressure. I arrived a day early to have some time to decompress and figure it out. Everyone became quick friends and was so warm and friendly. That put me at ease right away. I'm still talking to [the other competitors I met] regularly."
What did you learn from fellow bartenders from around the world? "The women bonded fast. There are not as many women in the cocktail world, and we all wanted to connect and become friends. It was really cool how we cheered for each other and supported each other during the competition."
What did you enjoy most about your Perfectionists experience? "I got to refine my personal technique and learn a lot from the others as well."
--Sarah Turbett, USBG Nashville 

photos courtesy of Michael Cadden


​​​Stay tuned to learn more about this program and 2020 education opportunities with Patrón