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BARE Zero Proof Spirits – A Committed USBG Partner

By Jarrette Moore posted 9 days ago


A message from our partners at BARE Zero Proof:

BARE Zero Proof Spirits joins forces with USBG as the first non-alcoholic spirits Platinum Partner
with one dollar for each bottle sold donated to the 
USBG National Charity Foundation.

“At BARE Zero Proof Spirits, the Bartender is at the heart of everything we do.”

In January, after years in development to perfect an exacting flavor profile, BARE Zero Proof launched a line of premium, non-alcoholic spirits – including a zero-proof gin, bourbon and tequila. Each expression was developed with a team of expert bartenders specifically to enhance the non-alcoholic or low-ABV cocktail experience. 

“We started BARE Zero Proof with the mission to go beyond ‘mock’ or ‘virgin’ cocktails – we wanted to create an option for the many people who are increasingly looking for sophisticated alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. There is nothing ‘mock’ about BARE Zero Proof cocktails,” said James Kempland, CEO and Co-Founder of BARE Zero Proof. “We obsessively sourced and tested ingredients, spending more than four years on research and development to make sure that each of our offerings would not only stand up in classic cocktail recipes, but actually enhance them – and we truly believe we’ve created the best-tasting zero proof spirits on the market.” 

BARE Zero Proof is a diversity-owned business that was founded by Kempland and fellow spirits industry veterans, Sam Newberg and Darnell Smith. Their collective experience spans decades with global brands in both beverage alcohol and non-beverage alcohol alike. Their spirits and industry knowledge provided the insight required to break through the non-alcoholic cocktail taste experience. 

It was our collaborative product development efforts with the bartending community that forged the BARE Zero Proof identity. The countless prototypes, tastings, reformulations, and cocktail curations tested all of us. The outcome - BARE Zero Proof’s success is based on one fact: the bartender provided the answers we needed to create a high quality non-alcoholic spirit for cocktails.

BARE Zero Proof has chosen the USBG as a partner to support the community that supported us. Education is paramount to expand the non-alcoholic spirits category, so the company will be investing in local chapters and creating on-line seminars for its members. All BARE Zero Proof 

in-market advocates will meet two criteria – have a passion for exploration and creativity; and have bartender experience. To support the health and well-being of the membership, one dollar per bottle will go to the USBG Foundation. The commitment is clear.

Currently, BARE Zero Proof offers three expressions: a Modern Classic Gin, which features notes of juniper, cucumber, lemon peel and assorted botanicals; a Bourbon Whiskey, which offers notes of oak, vanilla, caramel and other botanicals; and a Reposado Style Tequila, which delivers flavors of agave, serrano and fresh cut grass. Each of the expressions are created by component blending natural distillates, essential oils botanicals and unique flavors. They are sold in 100% recycled glass shaker bottles and contain between five and 10 calories per 2 ounce pour.

BARE Zero Proof Spirits is expanding distribution nationally and is now available online with wonderful cocktail recipes - all bartender created. Want to join us? Reach out to @Andy Borbely at

Click here to learn more about BARE Zero Proof Spirits.

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