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2021 Regional Conferences - Virtual Registration Open

By Jarrette Moore posted 06-02-2021 12:35


November 8 - 10   |   10:00 AM - 1:30 PM Pacific

Full Conference Pass: USBG Member - $75  |  Non member - $200
Daily Pass: USBG Member - $35 per day  |  Non Member - $75 per day


Monday, November 8

 presented by Zahra Bates and Keli Rivers – Theoretical and practical learnings on approaches to achieving balance in cocktails through 4 major areas.

INGREDIENTS MATTER: A Guide to Drinking Well presented by Randy Tarlow – This seminar covers the importance of choosing quality ingredients when making cocktails. Examining spirits, liqueurs, syrups, juices, and ice. Why we choose fresh and premium vs artificial products. How these ingredients affect the taste and presentation of cocktails. USBG members will leave with the understanding of how expense for better products is justified, why they can charge more on their menus because of improved ingredients, and ultimately be proud of the end product they are serving guests over the bar.


Tuesday, November 9

CREATING SPIRITED STORYTELLERS presented by Matt Ray and Rhiannon Enlil – Marketers have known for a long time that data doesn't create value for a guest-- stories do. Being a better storyteller can lead to more engaged clientele and a staff that is inspired to learn. The Sazerac House team shows you how we train both novices and pros to -wow- their guests with story.

PILLAR OF THE COMMUNITY: The American Bar as a Place of Social Change presented by Elizabeth Pearce – The American bar has played a surprising and enduring its role in shaping the social and political culture of our country from its earliest colonial days to the present.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Keeping Your Employees Happy & Halting Attrition presented by Laura Newman & Larry “Mudd” Townley – In an industry with astronomically high turnover, how do you beat the odds? Larry Townley and Laura Newman share the secrets of how to attract great employees while you train & maintain your current staff. Remember, it costs less to keep a good employee than to hire a new one.

Wednesday, November 10

LIFE AFTER BARTENDING presented by Matt Ray and Rhiannon Enlil - So, what does a post-bartending career look like? Our panel will discuss the options for bartenders that are thinking about hanging up their aprons for good, in search of growth, security, or less back pain. This includes obvious paths like management, but also production, consulting, and education.

WINE PRESERVATION: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly presented by Gary Gottfried - Learn the facts and logic about wine and wine preservation. Why it changes and goes bad and the various options to minimize or prevent it. Most importantly, how to use the solution to your personal benefit.

THE FUTURE OF WORK presented by Jason Littrell – Learn more about the Bartender's role in the Post COVID Service Economy and how to survive and thrive as an independent creative service provider.




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09-23-2021 14:35

Hi, @Joshua Edwards! The host hotel for the Houston conference is the Four Seasons Hotel Houston (1300 Lamar Street; Houston, TX 77010). Hope to see you there!​

09-17-2021 18:37

I'm not seeing hotel info for Houston. Anybody have info on that?

09-02-2021 15:08

Hi, @Vishal Patel! We will be at The Westin Great Southern Columbus for the conference. See you there! ​

08-27-2021 16:51

@Tiffany Soles can you please help @Vishal Patel learn more about our host hotel in Columbus? Thanks.​​

08-27-2021 16:47

Had a quick question, I was planning on staying in Columbus for an extra day or two after the conference, I was wondering if there was any additional information available regarding where the host hotel is so that I could book in the same location.



08-26-2021 09:09

Hi, @Luke Nevin-Gattle! I'm so sorry to hear that you won't be able to make it to this year's conference. We are still working on the content for the Virtual Conference, but we are planning on sharing some of the top-rated seminars from Houston and Columbus. The Virtual Conference will be held November 8-10 from 10 AM - 2 PM (Pacific) each day. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

08-24-2021 15:05

@Tiffany Soles Can you please assist @Luke Nevin-Gattle with information on the virtual sessions? Thank you!​​

08-23-2021 20:15

Hello! I won't be able to attend in-person this year, but I am interested in more info regarding the virtual conference. What are the topics and times of day the conference will be held? Thank you!