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Spirited Mexico

By Jarrette Moore posted 15 days ago

A Sponsored Message from our partners at Campari:

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Campari America is launching a Mexican spirits portfolio on an educational journey through the regions of Mexico that are home to Montelobos mezcal, Espolòn tequila, and Ancho Reyes chili liqueur!


In three immersive virtual sessions we’ll celebrate the rich cultures of Mexico while contextualizing these spirits within their respective regions, using the distinctive nature of each region to highlight what makes each of these spirits unique. Spirited Mexico will be presented in three parts, each session focused on a specific region within Mexico to better understand each spirit’s provenance through cuisine, cocktails, and culture


Oaxaca with Montelobos → Tuesday, June 8: 1-5 PM Eastern

        Session 1: Mezcal Salt, Ancestral & Everyday Tradition  |  1-2 PM Eastern
    • Learn the tradition behind the ritual. During this round table discussion with industry leaders, discover the rich history of salt’s many cultural uses from remedies to mezcal salts made to pair perfectly with Oaxaca's mystical spirit.

        Session 2: Agave Biodiversity  |  2:30-3:30 PM Eastern
    • Join Montelobos Founder Ivan Saldaña in conversation with Montelobos Brand Ambassador Cory James as they discuss agave biodiversity, Montelobos' production process, and the spirit's significance to the region.

         Session 3: Cocina Oaxaqueña With Chef Alejandro Ruiz  |  4-5 PM Eastern
    • Explore Oaxaca's culinary traditions with Chef Alejandro Ruiz of Casa Oaxaca. A Oaxaca native, Chef Alejandro will guide you through the 101 of mole while also diving into the unparalleled flavors, aromas and textures of Oaxacan cuisine.


Upcoming sessions: Additional session details will be announced ahead of each program date.

  • July 13: Jalisco with Espolòn
  • August 10: Puebla with Ancho Reyes