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2019 Southwest Regional Conference Recap

By Jarrette Moore posted 04-02-2019 14:20


The 2019 Southwest Regional Conference is currently underway, and attendees are telling us all about what they love most about the conference thus far… But don’t take our word for it: Maren Erickson, Utah Chapter Member who joined the USBG two years ago for “educational resources within the USBG and to get more connected with other hospitality professionals” shares her #1 Takeaway:

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I love the camaraderie at Regional Conferences! I have been to two conferences this year, Western and Southwest, and I love seeing new faces and hearing about how our USBG chapters are growing all over the U.S.

This year's SWRC educational seminars covered topics, such as: DIYPR (Do It Yourself Public Relations); Fundraising: How to Find Money to Start Your Own Bar; Mastering Work/Life Balance; Body Language: The Invaluable part of Bartender Communication; United We Create; and Italian Spirits: Alchemy of the Finest Ingredients... And an especially insightful seminar, Food Seeking Beverage, presented by David Schroeder, that provided members with valuable industry insights; and Carbonation: Don't Leave Your Guests Flat, presented by Donald Short, which provided members with a provocative education on drink-making and serving!

Food Seeking Beverage, presented by David Schroeder,
sponsored by Guinness

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Carbonation: Don't Leave Your Guests Flat, presented by Donald Short, sponsored by New Artisan Spirits

USBG members were able to meet all the sponsors and experienced a USBG World Class Studio Lunch and Learn, sponsored by DIAGEO. Special thanks to San Francisco Chapter Member, Andrew Meltzer for presenting!

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                                                                   USBG World Class Studio Lunch and Learn, sponsored by DIAGEO

Special Thanks to our generous sponsors for helping make this conference a huge success. We appreciate you immensely!

A virtual toast!

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We look forward to seeing everyone next week at the Southern Regional Conference in Charlotte!