Regional Conferences Program

2019 Regional Conference - Registration Open!

By Jarrette Moore posted 01-03-2019 13:06



Regional Conferences provide valuable training and a plethora of networking and social opportunities to meet other members! 

Each conference offers a slightly different agenda, based on feedback received from different chapters in those regions regarding topics they want to learn more about, such as:

Advanced Bartending / Spirits Knowledge

Health, Wellness and other Personal Development Skills

Leadership Skills

Chapter Governance… And much, much more!

Agendas for all conferences will be available at least one month in advance, so check back often!


Here is a sample agenda of what to expect:


SUNDAY                            Arrival Day, Registration, Orientation, Happy Hour, Dinner, Nightcap


MONDAY                          Breakfast Roundtables, Educational Seminars, Lunch, Dinner, Nightcap


TUESDAY                         Breakfast Roundtables, Educational Seminars, Lunch, Dinner, Nightcap


WEDNESDAY                   Chapter Leadership (all members welcome), Fun Day coordinated by host chapter (Optional), and live MA Testing (Optional)                                            for those who registered by March 1st!

Confirmed Educational Seminars:

MASTERING WORK/LIFE BALANCE presented by Kyle McHugh - The demands for our time and attention are many; sometimes, too many. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, and feel like your failing at work and at home. Learn USBG Board Chairman Kyle McHugh's approach to achieving balance, and walk away with a plan to help find work/life balance of your own. (All five regions)

FUNDRAISING: How to Find Money to Start Your Own Bar presented by Bailey Pryor, sponsored by Real McCoy Rum - There are plenty of great bar and restaurant concepts waiting to happen, but the major roadblock for most first-time entrepreneurs is attracting investors who believe in your vision. This seminar focuses on building an effective business plan, locating the right kind of investor and closing the deal. (All five regions)

BODY LANGUAGEThe Invaluable Part of Bartender Communication presented by Nikolay Georgiev - After this class, you will understand the importance of the body language in your line of work, how your brain creates it and how your mind reads it; and you will be able to consciously adapt your nonverbal interactions in order to emotionally influence those around you. (Southwest region)

HIRING THE BEST: A Strategy for Identifying Greatness presented by Brian Warrener - Finding great bar staff is a challenge. The hard skills required to tend the bar can be revealed in a bench test. Research indicates that these skills only reveal competence anyway. The great ones possess these hard skills as well as a whole list of soft skills. Through the application of Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral Interviewing, Professor Warrener will identify the soft skills that make a great bartender and how to interview to figure out who's got 'em. The most recent research on the topic will also be introduced. (Southern region)

LIFE GIVES YOU LIMES presented by Donny Clutterbuck - What makes citrus fruit different from other fruits, and why are each of them different from one another? What do we look for in a cocktail, why are the classics inherently that, and how do we break the rules properly once we know them? (Northeast region)

NO BAD IDEAS presented by Josh Fossitt, co-owner of Hospitality 201 - Josh discusses 5 philosophical ideals that were present when he worked in the structure of the NoMad NYC and that he used to open, build the culture of, and make Bad Hunter in Chicago into one of the best restaurant bar programs in the country. (Midwest region)









All prices include meals, seminars, evening activities, and three (3) nights in host hotel.


To view the agendas and/or to register,
click on the conference banner of choice below:







Thank you to all members who participated in National Board of Directors election... By doing so, you were entered into a drawing for a chance to win a pass to one of this year’s Regional Conferences. A big congratulations to the five 2019 Regional Conference Pass Drawing Winners! We hope to see you at this year's regional conferences.

  • Western Region – Jason Burton, San Francisco Chapter
  • Southwest Region – William Perbellini, Las Vegas Chapter
  • Southern Region – Kristin Amron, Jacksonville Chapter
  • Northeast Region – Brian Warrener, Rhode Island Chapter
  • Midwest Region – Brittany Edwards, Chicago Chapter

Last year, these conferences sold out! Don’t miss your chance this year to experience making new connections, camaraderie and community!
   Reserve your spot... Space will be LIMITED!


Comment below with any questions you may have -- And check out the Regional Conference Community Page for updates!