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Moments in Mexico - Part 1

By Darian Everding posted 07-10-2018 13:48



I had the great fortune of visiting Hacienda Patron in March. My time at Hacienda Patron was defined by moments that I never envisioned would change my life. Being afforded the opportunity to visit Mexico and begin to understand the vibrant culture that produces one of my favorite spirits completely changed my world. I’d like to share some of my most profound takeaways from this experience in no particular order. I am a picture person, so I have also included a bunch of photos I took during the trip.

I hope that every eligible USBG member takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity – you have so very much to gain from it!

  1. You will be afforded the opportunity to fully experience genuine hospitality - and it will shape the way in which you engage in the act of hospitality itself.
Welcome notes. Plush bath robes. Freshly-made beds. Snacks and bottled water always available. Effortless dining arrangements. Respectful and helpful staff. Stunning views. Cigars and an open bar…

True hospitality is perhaps the most pervasive aspect of the Academia Patron experience. During our entire stay at La Casona, each and every single visitor was treated with such overwhelming respect and care. We are so frequently expending our emotional energy to be caretakers that being granted the opportunity to just be guests is almost uncomfortable. One aspect of the act of hospitality is the property itself. Immaculate grounds keeping, tasteful art, and amenities galore. Enjoy this. Take the time to allow yourself to engage in a way that recharges you. This trip is energizing. Use it as a means to examine what hospitality is to you and how you choose to practice it. I know that this trip reinforced my priority on the guest experience, rather than my sometimes-myopic focus on just the beverages themselves.


2. You will engage in service in a capacity that is more than just performative.

One of my favorite parts of the entire trip to Mexico was the day in which we served the community. The USBG defines our Core Values as Service, Integrity, Sharing Knowledge, Tradition, and Camaraderie. All of these are reinforced on this trip, but service deserves special mention. Service is one of the values that shines through in Patron’s action within their community.

We spent a morning packing boxes of food to be delivered to locals who were not able to travel. This is a project that Patron employees participate in whether or not there are visitors to help share the workload. This isn’t some guilt project designed to make us visitors feel better about our privilege, but a meaningful way to engage in a community effort to uplift those who need assistance.

We sorted through food goods and loaded up over 30 boxes to the brim. We then loaded these boxes on the delivery truck, along with watermelons and packages of Gatorade. I must admit, it was a rather impressive relay system we developed.

Later that afternoon, we distributed goods to those who were able to meet at the dispersal location. This was a humbling, powerful experience. Though there was a language barrier for many of us, this was a very human interaction. I thought it very fitting that the wall near where the vans were parked simply said, “Gracias.” Though I think it is we who are to be thankful.


Stay tuned for the second installment, where I'll share the rest of my most profound takeaways, more glorious photos, and will reveal a romantic surprise of epic proportions!


There are still four more Tequila Immersion Tour dates in 2018, which means you can still apply!

This experience is open to Bartenders or Bar Managers who work full-time in a Bar, Restaurant, Hotel or Catering Company. All applications will be evaluated anonymously with no indication of the applicant's name, age, gender or workplace. Scoring will be based on your motivation to learn and share knowledge.

After the preliminary qualification phase, you will be required to complete an online Academia Patron Master Class to secure your entry into the program. Upon confirmation, you will be sent specific instructions on how to complete your certification.

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07-11-2018 11:44

Thank you for sharing your experience @Darian Everding! Your writing style makes me feel like I was there, too!

Its so great to hear from members who are enjoying USBG programs developed through long-standing partnerships like that with Patrón Tequila. ​