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USBG National Education Week 2020

By Bridget Mason Hess posted 07-17-2020 12:46


USBG National Education Week 2020


Our fourth annual USBG National Education Week is here! Each year, the USBG Education Committee asks chapters to provide a multi-day seminar (or ‘Academy Days’ as they were previously called) for its members as part of a collected organization-wide initiative to highlight and focus on ongoing education offerings for USBG members. The Education Week events are promoted with the common hashtag #USBGedweek. In 2019, 43 chapters participated, providing 196 hours of learning opportunities for 2,500 attendees! Below are some answers to frequently asked questions to help your chapter plan for #USBGedweek 2020.

What is USBG National Education Week? National Education Week is an initiative of the USBG National Education Committee to showcase the educational opportunities that our chapters execute around the country and support the USBG’s mission to provide ongoing professional development and learning for its members. Education Week consists of three educational seminars and one hands-on educational lab as outlined in the ChOps Manual. The 2020 Education Week committee members are @Christina Basham (Columbus), @Brantley Newton (Orlando), @Olivia Patterson (Indianapolis), @Bradley Stephens (Portland), and @Frederic Yarm (Boston). The committee can be contacted individually, or at

When is USBG National Education Week? National Education Week 2020 is October 4 – 10.

How do I get involved? Contact your local chapter leadership to find out how you can help. Each chapter will designate an Education Week Chapter Lead. The Chapter Lead will be the liaison between the Chapter and the National Education Committee. Chapter Lead roles are still being filled now! If your chapter needs to nominate a Lead or if you have questions, please email

Where is USBG National Education Week? USBG Chapters opt-in to participate in the USBG National Education Week and manage the schedule of local events. Contact your local chapter leadership to find out where your local events will be held – whether in person or online in 2020!

Shout out to ALL chapters committed to bringing quality education to their members this year: 

Check out some highlights from Education Week 2019: 2019 Education Week 





10-04-2020 11:49

Thank you very much!

10-01-2020 17:15

Valerie, yes Miami is participating in Ed Week! Check out the Miami community page and social media pages. I will connect with the Miami chapter leader and ask her to point you in the direction of the full schedule too!

09-30-2020 13:37

Is there going to be an education week for the Miami Chapter? I am new here, so I don't know how to contact my local chapter yet.