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Staff Spotlight - Caitlin Terry

By Amira Ansari posted 06-03-2022 13:33

@Caitlin Terry - Support Services Associate

What does your professional background look like? 6+ years of Administrative/ Customer Service Experience

How long have you been on Staff and/or involved with the USBG/USBG Foundation? A week

Where do you live? Sacramento, California

Got any hobbies? I'm a full time Visual Artist outside of work

What's your favorite self-care practice? Being in nature. Driving to the ocean, the mountains, the river. Spending the day there, hiking/hanging out.

What's your favorite drink? Topo Chico + fresh Lime + Mezcal

What's it like working remotely? Amazing. Being in your own environment makes such a difference for my mental health. I'm not a fan of office culture.

How do you transition out of Work Mode and into Non-Work Mode? Very easily. Close the computer and disconnect. I also work out right after work, and that always helps clear my mind.

Is there anything unique about yourself you'd like to share? I've lived all over the country. North Carolina, Chicago, Greater Detroit, SF, Oakland, Sacramento. I love moving to new places. My goal is to live in Maui one day.

Tell us a story! A couple summers ago I was hiking with my boyfriend, and before we got to the trail head our phones lost service because we were deep in the mountains. So we had to guess where the trail head was. Basically, we ended up hiking up the wrong mountain, on the wrong trail, ran out of water and food at the top of the mountain. Realized it was six miles back down the mountain to the car. And a hike that was only suppose to be five miles turned into 12 on a 95 degree day. Thankfully, we had more water in the car, so we chugged that when we got back. But it was wild because it was bear and mountain lion country, too, and we were the only ones on this trail.

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06-12-2022 02:51

Greetings Caitlin, 

Welcome to the USBG! Given the experiences you've overcome in the wild, we know you can bear guiding our members, whom thirst for camaraderie and education like mountain lions sometimes. 

Best regards,