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2021 USBG Member Referral Spotlight - Quarter 2

By Amira Ansari posted 8 days ago


Now You Can Earn Free Limited Edition USBG Swag and Help Your Peers Advance in Their Careers!

Through it's mission to unite the hospitality community and advance professional bartending, the USBG believes in empowering bartenders to take charge of their careers through providing a solid platform of membership. 

What is the Member Referral Program?

Membership is built upon a strong foundation of community, camaraderie, and leadership - and the Guild believes in recognizing leaders that go the extra mile to build and strengthen that mission and purpose.  Click here to learn more.

How does the Member Referral Program work?

When you refer someone for membership, be sure they mention you on their application - it's that simple!

Each quarter, the member with the most referrals will be gifted an exclusive USBG swag item. And each year an annual recipient is recognized, too!


Congrats to our 2021 second quarter member referral recipient!

@Trey Roland - USBG Dallas Chapter President

Because of his efforts and success in referring members, he earned some sweet USBG swag - a limited edition USBG Restore the Craft t-shirt!

USBG Dallas- 18 years in the industry

Get to know Trey Roland!

Guiltiest pleasure drink Ace Pear Cider

What is your favorite quote? “Do what feels right.” -unknown

What is the best advice you have ever received? Anchor yourself in gratitude

What advice could you offer to others? Be patient with yourself and with others. (I’m looking in the mirror on this one.)

If you could change jobs with anyone for a day, who would it be? Arena Tour Manager. Super demanding position but I love music and traveling

What other profession would you NEVER try? Health care professional of any kind. I’m not a fan of seeing bodies not function the way they’re not supposed to

Is there something about you that would surprise people? I was in a traveling choir when I was younger

Why did you join the USBG? Because @Naomi Ayala asked me in 2017

What is your #1 take-away from your USBG Member experience thus far? There is an abundance of resources dedicated to your growth once you join USBG