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2021 Spotlight Series with USBG Orlando

By Amira Ansari posted 05-14-2021 10:47

The USBG loves recognizing chapters that are doing amazing things to elicit camaraderie and leave a mark in their communities! Whether it’s a low-key get-together, a passionate charity drive, a friendly bartending competition, or a simple chapter meeting, we want to hear all about it!

The USBG Orlando Chapter has been putting a spotlight on its members in 2021!  Aptly named, Spotlight Series - this series aims to promote unity and networking within the city of Orlando, while supporting local chapter members. Orlando chapter leaders are organizing monthly casual meet-ups at local bars where their members' work, so others have an opportunity to check out the venue and show some USBG chapter love♥!

The Spotlight Series features a brief bio on the featured bartender of the month, along with a meet-up at their local bar. @Brantley Newton, USBG Orlando Chapter President, is helping to organize and plan the events. "This is the second one that we’ve done. We plan on doing one per month, and the events are the brainchild of Victor Maldonado," said Brantley.

"The idea behind the bartender spotlight, that we are now planning to conduct as a monthly social event, I believe came about very organically," said USBG Orlando Chapter Treasurer, @Victor Maldonado. "We, as a board, discussed how we where going to get our chapter going again and make programing less stagnant than what are monthly meetings where turning into. We came up with changing our focus as a chapter from the bars and beverages, and refocus on the bartenders and the relationships within our chapter."

Local USBG Orlando Chapter Members at Cocktails & Screams bar

"What better way to get to know one another than visiting our bars? So we decided to select and contact a good standing member, asked if they would like a bunch of bartenders come check out their location for a night, and we invite the chapter with a small write up of the bartender and the location we are going," Victor explains. "It ends up being a win, win, win. Chapter members enjoy it because with our schedules and a lot of us running our own programs, we don't always check out new spots that open up or that might be a little out of the way of our usual watering holes. The featured bartender loves it, because it puts money in their pocket, (we try to select a slow shift to come in.) And the venues like it because it promotes the venue. And they tend to be very easy to plan and promote. Who knew getting bartenders together to have a couple of drinks would be so easy?"

Way to go, USBG ORLANDO! 
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If you are a member of the USBG and wish to highlight a chapter event, please submit a request here or reach out to Amira Ansari at