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Pet Spotlight - National Mutt Day 2020

By Amira Ansari posted 11-30-2020 09:47


December 2, 2020 is National Mutt Day!

Owner: USBG Nashville Chapter Leader, J.A. Harrison
 Featured Pets: Eleanor Rigby, Ramona Quimby, & Minerva McGonagall, 

What are your pets' names, breed, ages, and sex? Eleanor Rigby is the 5-yr-old blonde Poodle-Beagle; Ramona Quimby is the 3-yr-old red/white Beagle-Heeler; Minerva McGonagall is the 1-yr-old black/brown Heeler-Corgi

Do your pets have a unique behavior or defining characteristic? Their defining characteristics is that they're all equally adorable assholes

What are your pets' favorite past-time? They all have the same favourite pastime: Snoozing

How did they come to be your family pets?
We adopted each of them: Eleanor from a McDonald's parking lot, Ramona from a Walmart parking lot at 2 am; Minerva from a farmer in BFE

What are your pets' favorite food/treat? Eleanor's favourite treat is snow peas; Ramona's favourite treat is dinner (it's just as exciting every day); Minerva's favourite treat is anything that fits in her mouth

What are your pets' favorite toys? They all love plush critters (raccoons, squirrels, etc) to thrash around and play tug-of-war with

If reincarnation exists, who were they in a past life? In a past life, Eleanor was once the world's biggest stoner ever, probably like Keith Moon, or someone having a massive existential crisis, like Søren Kierkegaard; Ramona: for sure Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird, a scared recluse with a big heart living behind a shroud of rumours; Minerva: Usain Bolt? Apollo Ohno? Anyone who never seems to tire of moving at a high rate of speed

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