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Pet Spotlight - National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

By Amira Ansari posted 11-04-2020 15:20


The first week of November 2020 (November 1-7) is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week!

Owner: USBG Boston Chapter Secretary, Frederic Yarm
 Featured Pet: Embury

What is your pet's name, breed, age, and sex? Embury, Russian Blue, 5 years old, male

Does your pet have a unique behavior or defining characteristics?
Loves hopping on to your back, cuddling, and playing

What is your pet's favorite past-time?
Finding sunny spots to nap

How did they come to be your family pet?
When my orange cat, Foamy, passed on, my other cat, Budgie, was very upset. He would wander around the house looking for his buddy. Therefore, we went cat shopping immediately on his behalf and picked out a 4-year-old from the shelter. They soon hit it off

What is your pet's favorite food/treat?
Catnip grown on my deck planters, and whatever kitty treats we buy at the store

What is your pet's favorite toy?
"Mouse on a stick." It's a plastic rod from a previous cat toy that has been threaded with fishing line and toy mouse

If reincarnation exists, who were they in a past life?
He's named after David Embury, the highly opinionated cocktail aficianado who was perhaps the first amateur to write a cocktail book. Embury the Cat does react better to drinks in cocktail coupes over those in tiki mugs, so perhaps?

Where did you adopt your cat from? Manchester Animal Shelter in New Hampshire




11-04-2020 17:03

@Frederic Yarm that is so amazing! I love fostering cats and volunteering with them at shelters. I hope to have a big enough place some day so I can have a designated cat room. :) ​

11-04-2020 17:02

I agree @Brandon Anamier - a little break from everything going on in the world to celebrate our animals! :)​

11-04-2020 16:59

@Amira Ansari 8 of my 9 cats that I have owned in my adult life have come from shelters and the other was a rescue from an acquaintance who could not take of it. The adoption age has ranged from 1 year to 11 years old.

11-04-2020 16:38

This is the content we need right now. Thanks!​​

11-04-2020 15:24

@Frederic Yarm I love that you got a friend for ​Budgie from a shelter! You're an amazing cat dad!

11-04-2020 15:21

If you have any comments for spunky Mr.Embury or @Frederic Yarm, please include the "@" symbol before Fred's name, so he is tagged!​