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Staff Spotlight - Amira Ansari

By Amira Ansari posted 11-21-2019 10:47


USBG Communications Manager

What does your professional background look like? I've dabbled in the field of fashion as a costume designer; then switched gears to pursue a career in journalism.

How long have you been on Staff and/or involved with the USBG? A little over a year.

Where do you live? Dallas, TX.

How did you first get connected to the USBG? My close friend, Tiffany Soles - current USBG Program Manager, recommended me to the communications department.

Got any hobbies? I love sewing, hot yoga, painting, volunteering with kittens, geeking out on fighting games, and writing.

What's your favorite self-care practice? Professional massages and yoga - preferably back-to-back.

What's your favorite drink? I must have my coffee in the morning, and in the evening I often imbibe on cabernet or an absinthe drink.

What's it like working remotely? Challenging and rewarding at the same time; challenging because it provides a disconnect from the normal social interaction I am accustomed to, and there can be some confusion when you are not communicating face-to-face with a team member. But it's also very rewarding because I can work from the comfort of my home with my two cats, allowing me to focus 100% on the task at hand as there is no one to distract me or ask me to meet them at the water cooler to gossip!

Any recent work-related accomplishments you're especially proud of? I was recently brought on as the Health & Wellness committee's staff liaison and I really enjoy being involved with a committee that promotes wellness in our industry.

How do you transition out of Work Mode and into Non-Work Mode? I make a to-do list for the next day, walk away from my laptop and - this is important - I close it!

Tell us a story! I earned my fashion degree in 1999 and started a small, very popular but very unprofitable Dallas-based clothing line which quenched my thirst for recreating the elegance and sophistication of the Renaissance, Medieval, and Victorian time periods through clothing!

After over a decade of holding a steady job as a leasing agent and using my free time to sew costumes and put on fashion shows, my mom said, "Amira! What are you doing with your life? Go back to school and pursue something else that interests you and make a successful career out of it." After the initial, "Whatever mom, I'm awesome!" reaction, I thought about my love for writing, quit my leasing job and stopped spending time as the worst costume business owner ever, and got my bachelor's in journalism.

Even though I still love sewing and feeding the creative side of my brain, I am so glad I went back to school and opened the door to so many satisfying career opportunities!

Anything else you'd like us to know? I played violin for five years when I was younger.