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Tiffany Soles - Staff Spotlight

By Amira Ansari posted 11-07-2019 10:31


USBG, Program Manager

Current position: 

Program Manager and Staff Liaison for the Master Accreditation Committee


How long have you been on Staff and/or involved with the USBG?

I've been a member of the USBG since 2008 and a Staff member for 5 years! ( time flies!)


Where do you live?

New Orleans, LA


How did you first get connected to the USBG?

Laura McMillian (yes...Chris' wife and Mama Cocktail) introduced me to the group of bartenders that were trying to form the New Orleans USBG Chapter. After attending a few meetings, Chris Patino asked me if I would be interested in serving as an officer, since I had attended all of the pre-formation meetings. I said yes and the rest is history! I served as the Chapter Treasurer (under Presidents Ann Tuennerman and then, Kimberly Patton-Bragg) before serving as Chapter President myself. I was happy to make the move to the National Staff in 2014 as the Membership Coordinator. It's incredible to work for and try to make positive changes to an organization that I have received so much from over the years


What's it like working remotely?

No lie...I was worried that the transition from working in a bar or office environment for 20 years was going to be difficult. I was worried that I would lack the discipline that is required for working from home. Then, I realized that serving as a chapter officer completely prepared me for working from home. I was already used to getting up and taking care of chapter business before taking care of my other responsibilities and heading to work at the bar. I love it though! Working in pjs and no makeup is amazing!


Any particular freedoms and/or challenges you care to share about your working remotely experience?

I can go 2-3 days without leaving my house! Haven't decided if that's good or bad. I guess normally it should be a negative, but living in the French Quarter...there are definitely times that this is very much a positive!


Got any hobbies?

I have interests and they change any time that a shiny object catches my eye. With the cooler weather setting in, I'm determined to tackle my ever-expanding Book List and learn at least some basic Italian before my trip to the Amalfi Coast next year. Ask me in a month though and I'll probably have new interests that I've moved on to. Hobbies require commitment


What's your favorite drink?

I'm a mood drinker, so this changes, but more often than not, it's rum-based


What's your favorite self-care practice?

Spa Days and travel!!!


How do you transition out of Work Mode and into Not-Work Mode?

These days, I transition out of work mode with either working out and/or studying for one of my classes