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Staff Spotlight - Jarrette Moore

By Amira Ansari posted 10-10-2019 11:00


USBG, Director of Marketing and Communication

How long have you been on Staff and/or involved with the USBG? 
I joined the team in December 2016. I am very happy to be part of such an inspiring organization and great group of people!


Where do you live? Flower Mound, TX


How did you first get connected to the USBG? Referred by Tiffany Soles


What's it like working remotely? One word: AMAZING!


Any particular freedoms and/or challenges you care to share about your working remotely experience? Freedom: I am able to be comfortable throughout the day (I can wear my street clothes, or even PJ's if I so desire). Comfort has made me much more productive with my time. There is no more rushing to get home to get out of my work clothes. LOL Challenge: Domestic distractions (door bell ringing, dog barking, or simply wandering into the kitchen for coffee and getting distracted to start cleaning)


Got any hobbies? I have many: Being outdoors, hiking, horseback riding, the beach/ocean, surfing, traveling, sports (volleyball, basketball, and bowling - if bowling counts as a sport), and love to watch football. I also love adventures, so I will try anything once (well, within reason)


What's your favorite drink? 
Hmmm, that is hard, between wine, bubbles, cocktails, and coffee, I have a favorite in all categories. But if I had to pick just one, I would have to go with my Latte b/c I cannot start my day without it!


Any recent work-related accomplishments you're especially proud of? I am a published author along side some of the most brilliant minds in health care. My proudest accomplishment is the journal I wrote with Dr. Michael Lutter regarding the genetic makeup of psychiatric illnesses, specifically eating disorders and depression after completing a 10 year, long-term research study. I am also the Board President of a local nonprofit theater that keeps me quite busy in my free time.


Any recent non-work-related accomplishments you're especially proud of? Being a mom...the best mom I can be!


SealBeach_CA copy.jpg   CatalinaIsland_Ziplining copy.jpg


What's your favorite self-care practice? A glass of bubbles at the end of a hard day!


How do you transition out of Work Mode and into Not-Work Mode? This used to be more challenging for me, but now, all I have to do is close my laptop and walk away... it is that easy!... and sometimes a 30-minute episode of "Friends" will still do the trick


Tell us a story! I grew up in Orange County California. My parents transferred to TX when I was 12 years old and obviously brought me with them, which did not go well at all. From my pre-teen brain perspective, they took me away from my friends, the beach, my surf board, the mountains, and the 70 degree weather year round..and brought me to a State that had none of those things; and bought a house in a town (yes town, not a city) called "Flower Mound.” Who names a town after a mound with flowers on it? So, in retaliation, I refused to speak to them (it's called Selective Mutism in psychology terms) for about a month. My mom threatened to take me to see a psychologist, which I remember thinking, at age 12, "That's Lame!" So, I dropped my Muteness and all was normal. How ironic to think a psychologist/therapist is 'lame' for me later to become one! LOL


Tell us a joke! I used to think the BRAIN was the most important organ we have... then I thought, look what's telling me that!