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The USBG Columbus Chapter Displays Philanthropy at Eat Up! Columbus

By Amira Ansari posted 06-07-2019 16:34



Grant Bain, Chapter Director of USBG Columbus Chapter, is currently the Market Development Manager with Watershed Distillery.

He finds great value in raising the collective expertise of the hospitality community and enjoys a wide variety of cocktails but gravitates towards the bright and savory end of the spectrum. His guilty pleasure drink is a Pina Colada, and his double shake has been nicknamed "The Wombat."

In this blog, Grant takes us through some highlights of the most recent charitable event the USBG Columbus Chapter participated in; Eat Up! Columbus, hosted by Freedom ala Carte.


According to the Ohio Attorney General’s (OAG) office, it is “estimated that 1078 Ohio children are sex trafficked every year.” Of the study’s sample of 207 individuals, 49% were under the age of 18 when they were first trafficked. -- Ohioline

The Charity:

In an effort to increase awareness on trafficking and support survivors, Freedom a la Cart, a central Ohio non-profit organization, recently hosted an event named “Eat Up! Columbus.” On the evening of March 9th, 2019, USBG Columbus Chapter members collaborated to fundraise and increase awareness for human trafficking.

With a turnout of 300 people, the event was extremely successful in its cause. All proceeds went back to Freedom ala Carte. Food and drink were all donated as well as the time of numerous bar leads, Grant Bain (as lead organizer of the event), and Christina Basham, USBG Columbus Chapter President.

Chef Jack Moore of Watershed Kitchen & Bar, especially went out of his way to lead all of the culinary details the day of the event, originally approaching Grant in collaborating the event. “I was excited to partner with him and bring in chapter members to help,” recalled Grant.


(From left to right)  USBG Columbus Chapter President, Christina Basham, and USBG Columbus Chapter Director, Grant Bain

The event:

Throughout the event, the USBG Columbus Chapter members and volunteers served every course with one drink; with a total of six courses each - a wine, a cocktail, and a beer with every course. This year, the event raised $141,000 that went straight to Freedom ala Carte to assist survivors of trafficking. What is unique about this event is that all the survivors are now members of the hospitality industry.

“Some of the survivors shared their stories and how much their life has changed because of Freedom ala Carte and the ability to attend an event like this and the money raised. It was really touching and moving when survivors found their courage to get up and share with us how they were in desperate times and in the most deplorable situations you can think of, honestly.” said Grant.

Through Freedom ala Carte, these survivors were able to secure a place in society, along with a strong purpose; allowing them to make a positive change in their lives and move forward.

              Sea of Aperol, ready to be spritzed

“USBG Columbus Chapter Vice President, Cris Dehlavi, has always been great with getting donations for our chapter. This year, she helped with getting donations from Heidelberg Distributing, who supplied all the wine,” said Grant.

Before the day was over, the team had knocked out 200 cocktails and a total of 300 drinks!

“The USBG Columbus Chapter has been involved in one way or another in local charitable events for a couple of years, but this year we were involved as a team; so this is kicking off our philanthropic opportunities and was a great chance to give back. There were a lot of cooks in the kitchen, and the USBG Columbus Chapter was excited to be a part of it,” explained Grant.

Shout out to the USBG Columbus Chapter, and all who were involved in making this event a success and donated their time, including:

Event Volunteers:

James Anderson, RayRays Hog Pit

Shelbie Anderson, The Market

Valerie Belt, RayRays Hog Pit

Sarah Black, Seminary Hill (bread)

Carrie Fisher-Hinkle, Seminary Hill (bread)

Duncan Forbes, North Country Charcutier                      

Jane Forbes, North Country Charcutier  

Brian Geltzer, RayRays Hog Pit             

Sheena Griffith, Dessert team

Jennifer Grogan, Watershed Kitchen & Bar                

Tyler Minnis, The Market

Jack Moore, Watershed Kitchen & Bar

Courtney Nielsen, The Keep

Jon Olson, The Keep   

Laurie Sargent, Dessert team

Josh Wiest, South Village Grille

USBG Columbus Chapter Team:

Grant Bain- USBG Columbus Chapter Director, lead organizer

Christina Basham- USBG Columbus Chapter President, assisted day of

Cris Dehlavi-  USBG Columbus Chapter Vice President, assisted with donations

Rebecca Monday-  USBG Columbus Chapter Member, assisted day of



Heidelberg Distributing

Middle West Spirits

Seventh Son Brewery

Watershed Distillery

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