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Member Spotlight - Jason Suss

By Amira Ansari posted 03-22-2019 16:18

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USBG Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter, 6 years in the industry

Professional Stats & Vitals: 40 years old, about 5 ft 11 in. and 165 lbs before the holiday season 

First job: Barback at La Belle Vie. First real job ever- Bicycle assembler, age 15

Why this business? The complete opposite of my corporate software job. ( I do both) It's social, creative, and everyone loves the bartender right

Childhood ambition: Something Techy... Some kind of Engineer....I guess I sort of did that.

Best part of job: I've really enjoyed learning about spirits, wine, beer, food and hospitality/service. It's made me a better guest as well as a better host for personal events

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Stress relievers: Naps and Candy Crush. Yes, really

Favorite quote: Better late than pregnant

If you won the lottery tomorrow: You would find my wife and me on our new hobby farm....with a killer bar in the barn

Pet peeve: Yelpers

Advice you could offer to others: No matter what you do, work hard to be really good at it

Best advice you ever got: Never miss an opportunity to play with a better golfer

Best compliment anyone could give you: "You make me feel important."

Riskiest thing you've ever done: Smuggled Cuban rum to the US from Mexico. (I'm not much of a risk taker)

Is there something about you that would surprise people? I'm a gymnast

How do you turn around a lousy day? Junk food. Probably Doritos and a Coke

Most interesting place traveled & why: The bio-luminescent bay in Puerto Rico. The water would glow bluish green when you moved it around with the kayak paddle....sooooo cool

What's the simplest thing you've never mastered? Penmanship and drawing pictures

Favorite part of Learning from other members and presenters at the monthly lunch meetings

Sports team: Not much of a sports guy

Joke: Telling people my wife was "Made in Taiwan". (She was born in Taiwan)

Word: Schnoozle. It's the nickname I gave my wife. She kind of hates it. I love it. I often use it as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc....depending on what she is doing

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If you could change jobs with anyone for a day, who would it be? 
Elon Musk. It's gotta be insane. Solar, Cars, Rockets... Unreal

What other profession would you never try? 
Any type of Deadliest catch type fishing....I'm not a boat person

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? 
There's a lot of people here that have been waiting for you

Are you planning to attend one of the 2019 Regional Conferences?