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0 - 40 Miles in 6 weeks!

By Alexandra Williams posted 09-11-2018 13:16


From keeping the wheels rolling behind the bar to 40 miles in the saddle... Are you ready to shake the summertime cobwebs out of your legs, hop in the saddle, and take your wheels for a spin? The Breast Cancer Awareness Month Helen David Relief Fund charity bike rides are here! Not only will your overall health benefit, but also a less-fortunate industry workers will, too.

40 miles might sound like well… 40 long miles, but it’s a very manageable distance to ride. All you need is a few hours a week that you dedicate to yourself and your health! Cycling is a low-impact sport for your joints, so it shouldn’t interfere with your work behind the bar. Two spin classes and one long outdoor ride per week will be enough to get you ready! 

Here's a sample training program that will have you ready to ride 40 miles, just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month rides!



Want to get involved? There are several upcoming rides this Fall!