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Celebrate Repeal Day by Investing in your Future

By Aaron Gregory Smith posted 11-23-2020 12:09



Those in the industry often call Repeal Day ‘the bartenders’ holiday.’ After 13 years of Prohibition in the U.S. was repealed, Americans celebrated! It is rumored that after signing the 21st Amendment, even President Franklin Roosevelt took part in a celebratory toast and stated: “What Americans need now is a drink.” When Prohibition ended, bars once again became an important place to gather as they had been before throughout history, and the bartending profession flourished. There is no better way to celebrate Repeal Day than to invest in your future by renewing your USBG membership at


When you renew, be sure to select your membership type – Hospitality Professional, Associate, or Enthusiast.


A USBG membership grants access to endless professional resources, career development, networking inside the hospitality industry, and a wide range of educational programming that provides valuable training. Members become part of a community of like-minded individuals who support each other and help one another grow in their careers. Don’t just take our word for it - check out what USBG members have to say in our Member Testimonials.

With the change to an annual membership calendar, all USBG members are invited to renew together at the same time each year in December – with a grace period extended through January. There are no rejoin fees, and you no longer need to remember your anniversary date to renew!

AND, yes, it’s still ok to join the Guild throughout the year! Anyone can join at any time at To be mindful of the mass work disruptions in our industry, the USBG is offering Pay-What-You-Can discounts to hospitality professionals for their 2021 dues – learn more here.



Want to learn more about Repeal Day? Check out this Brief History of Repeal Day shared by the USBG Tampa Bay chapter… And be sure to join your fellow USBG members by raising a glass AND renewing your membership at on December 5th!