USBG Committees

USBG Committees

USBG Committee Volunteers improve the organization through the valued contributions of its members toward achieving realistic, measurable and achievable goals based on its vision and mission. Volunteerism extends the capacity of USBG by enhancing valued relationships, providing professional development, engaging members and developing greater loyalty. The USBG vision: Bartending is a respected and fun occupation in a healthy environment that builds a hub for community.

The Guild has nine (9) committees working to support its mission and vision.

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Education Committee

To be the preeminent national provider of comprehensive, accurate, accessible, and unbiased education for service and hospitality professionals in the USBG.

Executive Committee

Support the United States Bartenders’ Guild Board of Directors by directing the business and affairs of the Corporation in intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors.

Finance Committee

Provide assistance to the United States Bartenders’ Guild Board of Directors in fulfilling obligations regarding matters involving the accounting, financial reporting, internal control, investment, and fiduciary legal compliance functions of United States Bartenders’ Guild.

IBA Liaison Committee

Maximize the USBG’s relationship with the International Bartenders Association through long-term relationship building, championing joint IBA/USBG programs, and serving as the primary liaison between the IBA and the USBG.

Master Accreditation Committee

Advancing Professional Bartending by providing recognized credentials to qualifying bartenders, spirits industry, and hospitality industry professionals.

Membership Committee

Be the USBG experts in association membership best practices and serve as a resource to both membership program volunteers and staff.

National Leadership Conference Planning Task Force

Provide assistance to the United States Bartenders’ Guild Board of Directors in fulfilling obligations regarding the planning of the National Leadership Conference of the United States Bartenders’ Guild.

National Resolution Committee

The National Resolution Committee is the conflict resolution and investigative committee of the Board of Directors. The National Resolution Committee works to establish a clear course of action in processing member complaints and to assure that resolutions are unbiased, of high-integrity, and fair to all parties. The National Resolution Committee also abides by, manages, and recommends updates to the Conflict Resolution Process Standards (Reference Section 1.10.3)

Nominating Committee

The committee will develop a roster of potential board members based on the board profile and nominate new Board members for election in accordance with the Bylaws and the Nominating Committee Charter.

USBG Foundation Grants Committee

A committee of the USBG Foundation that reviews and approves determination of need recommendations for USBG Foundation emergency assistance grant applications.