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  • USBG Richmond-VA; 2 years in the industry     Nicknames:  Sugar Maple (Picked it up at Jack Daniels Backstage Bartender Experience)      What is your current state of mind:  Focused    ...

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  • The USBG in Partnership with Bombay Sapphire challenged bartenders across the United States to Stir up some creativity. Hundred of Bartenders answered the call and competed to earn the title of the ...

  • In its first-ever worldwide competition, Amaro Montenegro is scouring the globe for the very best bartenders. Bartenders who are passionate about flavor and unafraid of challenging the expected, ...

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    RE: Lets talk money

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    I work at two separate restaurants/bars, I bartend at both. The first place I work at is a little bit older and uses the "old school" method of breaking down tips. The bar is mainly 1 big waiting room with barely any bar business. on the other hand the ...

  • Posted in: USBG Open Forum

    Federal wage and labor laws clearly state that you can not take tips from the owner that generated those tips and be made to tip out anyone paid minimum wage or more. Servers and bartenders usually make less than minimum wage. ------Original Message------ ...

  • Posted in: USBG Open Forum

    You can always make the tip out higher to balance it out. Here in Phoenix averages around 5% of liquor or anything that is non alcohol that is stocked behind the bar for FOH. Some restaurant groups here actually pool the entire FOH. They have been ...

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