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  •     USBG Charleston Members Johnny Caldwell and Taneka Reaves, aka the Cocktail Bandits, busted a move and busted out a book in just 18 months!  Read on to learn more about the authors and ...

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  • Lucid Absinthe, in partnership with the USBG, challenged bartenders to create original cocktails that were creative, delicious, and complimentary to Lucid Absinthe's aromatic botanicals.    ...

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  • Grab your Trapper Keeper - School Is in Session! Join National Ambassadors Megan Breier, Adam Harris, and Tim Heuisler for an in-depth look into the sensory analysis flavor, and regulatory requirements ...

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    Dear Members, You may have heard we've made some upgrades!  We're excited to introduce our updated community site. This new platform will provide a more personalized user experience, making it easier to network and stay up to date on the latest all ...

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    Just putting it out there. I do not now, nor have I ever worked for Tales. I have always been an advocate for New Orleans, service industry, education, and social services. If you host/attend/publicize an event not sanctioned with #TOTC, you are basically ...

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    I do it!  Ultimately, it's their drink...making someone happy is sometimes just as simple as giving them exactly what they want. ------------------------------ Stephen Bartender san francisco ------------------------------

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